Again apologies for lack of updates here, just extremely busy and I post regular updates via Twitter and IG via @EddieTrunk. Soon this site will get an overhaul to streamline and use those updates more as my Trunk Report. You can also see them now on home page or simply follow on those platforms. Thank you!

Another great week of very audience interactive shows on TrunkNation so far this week. Including best new bands, bands that should have been huge, and tomorrow Top 3 R&R HOF snubs.

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Rocklahoma is near! Waited almost 2 years for this one and it should be a blast. That’s my next appearance, see you in Pryor on Labor Day weekend!

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  • Doug R. on

    Dozens of bands that should have been huge, but my top 2 are Triumph, and Airbourne!

    1 request for the overhaul – more space for the Music News!

    My top 3 R&R HOF snubs –
    3. Pat Benatar
    2. Styx
    1. Judas Priest

    • Ray Gillen on

      Good one on Airbourne Doug ! I thought Black n Blue was going to be big back in the day but they never got that headliner status .

    • Dana on

      For me it would be Blue Murder and Tora Tora.

    • Dana on

      Preach Doug,

      Priest is the biggest snub.

    • Doug R. on

      After Delivering The Goods for almost 50 years, the Metal Gods absolutely deserve to be in the R&R HOF! They’ve been getting a “Raw Deal” long enough!

  • Ray Gillen on

    Dana absolutely right and I can`t believe that I didn`t say Badlands . So much talent in that band, first record was phenomenal . Uncle Ray in my opinion had the most perfect voice . It`s to bad Ray and John never did the blue murder gig together . I`ve heard a couple of the low quality demos
    I miss that dude

  • brad dawson on

    Bands DAT shoulda been HUUUUUGE !

    Armored Saint

    R n R Hall of Shame snubs

    Dio solo
    Sammy Hagar solo

  • Real Paul Stanley on

    King’s X definitely should have made it big. Brand New Sin is another band that had a very strong debut album.

    • Real Paul Stanley on

      Silvertide is another band that should have been huge.

    • Dana on

      Agreed, Silvertide was really good.

  • Ray Gillen on

    I always thought silvertide sounded a little too much like the black crowes .

    • Dana on


      Their sound is far harder than the Crowes.


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