Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July holiday weekend. My FM radio show this weekend celebrates the 4th with an all new all American hard rock and metal special. Might not seem like a big deal as far as a radio special but think about how many bands I play on a regular basis that excludes. So it opens some time for other artists maybe not played as often too. It is on Q104.3 11P ET as usual and all stations that run my show each and every week usual day and time. Full list under Live & On The Air.

Excited to welcome back WAAF/Boston which starts airing the show a week from Friday from 11P-2A. I’ll be in Boston with Don & Jim at The Wilbur 8/2.

Judas Priest are doing a signing this Tuesday to celebrate the release of their new album at The Hard Rock in Times Sq. Starts at 6:30 and you must purchase the new album from FYE at The Hard Rock to get it signed. It will be Rob, Richie and Glenn and only copies of new album will be signed.

SO much great new music out there. Buy it, support it, listen for it on my shows. Stuff I am listening to now includes Slash, Overkill, Mastodon, Fozzy, Priest, Accept, Tesla, Night Ranger and much more. Great time for new music so check it out.

My debut podcast launches 7/10 via Podcast One. Should have a link to subscribe very soon. www.podcastone.com will also post and you can listen there. More details on guests soon. I will also be answering email from you guys on the podcast. Send them to me via Contact Us on this site and put “Podcast Question” in the subject.

Appreciate everyone asking about new episodes of TMS however when we do them is 100% up to VH1. Right now the latest is not until early next year unfortunately. I have no control over this at all and also wish we did more per year. For now enjoy the replays and set your DVR to catch them all. They run constantly from all seasons. Thanks.

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  • David C on

    First of all, I want to say it’s nice to see Dana interacting with us here on the board. Nice!

    Now I’m going to vent. WTF is going on with Viacom the cheap bastards Eddie? No HD for VH-1 Classic, and now we hear that the only original programming on the show (TMS) won’t be back until maybe in 2015? Well FUCK them. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing the metal videos they play in the morning on the weekends, but I could do without the endless SNL reruns, the dated movies, and the same concert videos over and over and over again. I understand that this channel obviously isn’t a revenue producer for them, but something needs to change.

    You are a damn creative guy and there must be a way to get your show on for at least 20-30 episodes a year. It might take someone willing to invest; it might take some creative type of ad revenue splitting, but at least pitch something to them.

    Or maybe it’s time to pitch your format to a different network? Fucking Viacom assholes.

    • Dana on

      Thank you David,

      I appreciate it 🙂

      D 🙂

  • matt on

    is this weekends show live?

  • david on

    Eddie, i agree. so far this year been a great year for new music, especially from older bands. Almost like 1988 again with new albums by night ranger (they never put out a bad album, so underrated), winger, tesla, judas priest, ted nugent, overkill, etc…with ace frehley coming later and a few others…I still buy cds and will as long as i can so I will buy it all.

  • doug r. on

    Hey Eddie, when will we see The Eddie Trunk Network? Think about it, you can be in charge of all the programming, NEW episodes of TMS maybe every week, or at least a lot more than we currently get from VH1C. “ETN”, (EDDIE TRUNK NETWORK) has a nice ring to it! 100% All Rock & Metal, no rap crap or any other bullshit, I’ll chip in! 😉

    • Rick on

      ETN – Great idea! Make “Stump The Trunk” its own separate game show! Give Jennifer her own morning metal exercise program: “Sweating For Vengeance!” Come on, Ed, let’s make this happen!

    • James K. on

      That is a great idea!

  • James on

    Happy 4th of July Eddie and Dana!

    Eddie, thanks for the updates. It sucks about TMS being away for so long but the reruns are always on and all the cool stuff at eddietrunk.com keeps me informed and up to date on everything that’s going on. You have the best tv show, best web site and best radio show on earth my friend! I’m excited about the podcast.

    I’m gonna bug the hell out of my town’s local rock station, kbrq 102.5 the bear in Waco, Texas to start carrying your radio show and I’ll keep bugging them until they do. I listen to your show right now through the iheart radio app but it’d be really cool if the bear carried it.

    Dana, thanks for being so great with all the music news and the way you interact with all us metal freaks.

    James K.

    • Dana on

      Thank you, James,

      I hope you had a lovely 4th as well.

      D 🙂

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