Had a great music loaded radio show last night on Q104 NYC. Even revived the Underground Classic which was fun. I’m aware playlists haven’t been updated here in a bit for my FM show but that is being worked on. It’s a formatting issue with the new site hope to have resolved soon. Making some tweaks to the design of the site you will slowly see start to take effect, so thanks for your patience. Remember all radio affiliates this weekend airing my show will hear a new interview with Slash. Here is the list of all the outlets, places and ways to hear the show this weekend for free! AA Members get it On Demand as usual.



I have huge history with the guys in White Lion (anyone see that 80’s photo of me and Vito in the studio I tweeted and FBed? Crazy!). Good to see Mike Tramp in the US doing some shows. He’s opening for Stryper tonight at BBs but can’t make it because I’m taking my kids to a Disney show at PNC. Hope to catch him this Thursday at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ. He is also performing tomorrow in Montclair NJ. Mike will be in studio with me this Monday for Eddie Trunk LIVE 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNK Nation. Will be great to see my old friend and swap some stories.


I’m coming to Oklahoma, MI and IL very soon to host some cool rock shows with Ratt, Motley and more. Please see details here for these and all shows I am affiliated with, many I also do appearances at:



Should also be announcing the first leg of my book tour for VOL 2 out 9/24 this coming week. NJ, NY, Milwaukee, W Hollywood all already announced, full list coming soon.


ALL NEW That Metal Show tonight at 11/10C on VH1C. Scott Gorham & Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders/Thin Lizzy, Neil Fallon of Clutch at the guests. Plus we dial up my friend & neighbor Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan on the Metal Modem. AND Jake E Lee plays! You saw him break his silence a few weeks ago, now he jams as our guest player!


Finally congrats to my good friend Mike Piazza on the birth of his son Marco! Mike will be part of the All Star events in NYC next week at Citi Field.

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  • Ryan B. on

    Great show last night, and great to see Jake. Ozzy with Jake was my first concert ever at age 9. Greenville Memorial Auditorium. Greenville, SC. Glad to see he is out and about again….

  • Bill on

    Once again great show. The look on that dudes face when he got that charvel from Jake was priceless,that was one of the most awesome things ever on the show. You could tell Scott was jealous,lol.

  • Joe on

    A great show indeed. To add to Bill’s comment, Ricky’s expression when Jake gave away that Charvel was priceless also. He looked as surprised as the winner!

  • Rich Cudd on

    Jake E. Lee is the man! Had a chance to chat with him here in OKC back in the mid 90s, doing a tour with a new band fronted by Mandy Lion. He was quite generous with his time and it was an honor to meet him. Truly one of the most underrated guitarists of all time. I still consider his work in Badlands to be some of the greatest guitar playing I’ve heard – speaking of which, I sure miss Ray Gillen, one the best vocalists ever.

    • Markus kohn on

      Eddie …great that you gave Jake his due…it sounds like it was Sharon…what about Motorcity madman
      ,pat travers ,or Johnny and Edgar winter on your show….

  • Jace Nuzback on

    I was so excited to hear Jake E. Lee play again, but was REALLY disappointed! I don’t know if he was nervous, drunk or both. His playing was just horrible! I wish Jake the best with his new project, but I sure hope he’s got more chops left than that.

    • Ryan B. on

      Not as bad as Chris Broderick….hands down the worst I’ve seen on there, which is strange, because we all know he can play, but I don’t know what was up with him on the Metal Show appearance but yes, me and you aren’t the only ones that noticed Jake was off or something.

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