Headed to Myrtle Beach SC for the first time for a few days this week. Hope you guys come see me 5-7P at Retroactive at Broadway At The Beach this Wednesday 7/16. It is a free event and both of my books and my T Shirts will be available for purchase. My local radio affiliate Rock 107 will also be broadcasting live at the store 3-7P. Should be fun, don’t miss it if in the area.  Since I’ll be away a few days this week the Monday SiriusXM show is pre recorded.

Huge thanks to all who made my debut podcast a Top 10 Itunes success! New episodes post every Thursday. This week the always hysterical Bobby Blitz of Overkill. Subscribe and download The Eddie Trunk Podcast at www.podcastone.com or Itunes. It is FREE.

Ace sent me his new album last week. Been listening and liking what I am hearing. His best playing and for sure singing in a very long time. Loving the title track Space Invader which I hope is the next single. I’ll play more from it when I get the green light.

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  • doug r. on

    R.I.P. Tommy Ramone. We lost another soldier, but your music & spirit will live forever.
    Belated Birthday wish to Eric Carr, gone but NEVER forgotten.

  • Rick on

    Hey again Dana,
    In response to your response to my response (whew!):
    You do deserve credit for covering Joey & Johnny’s deaths. In defense of us readers, some of us may’ve not known or simply forgotten that you had (Johnny died a decade ago, and Joey even further back). For those that did remember, that may’ve been the reason for their surprise at your exclusion of Tommy’s passing.
    I realize that some of the posts on here can be a little snotty (I hope you don’t think I was being that way), but you should never lower yourself to their level. You’ve repeatedly proven over the years that you’re better than that 🙂
    Incidentally, at this point I think The Ramones qualify as classic rock. Everyone knows the Hey-Ho-Let’s-Go chant from “Blitzkrieg Bop,” and just the other day I heard “I Wanna Be Sedated” on a classic rock station, right between Loverboy and REO Speedwagon – true story. Who knew? LOL (as a long time fan, it does make me smile a little).
    Thanks again for all that you do.

    • Dana on

      Thank you Rick,

      I appreciate everything you just wrote and they way in which you conveyed your thoughts. Also, no, I never got a snarky vibe from your comment. You’re right, I try my best to rise above the pettiness, but I am only human, and female, so sometimes it effects me more than others.

      Dana 🙂

  • Brian Thomas on

    Just because a band/singer influences metal bands, does not mean they deserve to get coverage. I love the Ramones as well as Metal. However, many classic rock guitarists state that BB king and Elvis Presley have influenced them. Should Eddie put BB King news on here? Or acknowledge Elvis Presleys anniversary on his death? I don’t think so.

    • Shawn on

      If Elvis had died during Eddie’s time on the Internet……yea, it should be reported on this website just for the importance he had on rock n roll. You don’t have to acknowledge the anniversary every year, just the one time report. Same for BB King, because of his influences on some major people in rock. Just because you don’t play them on certain forms of radio shows, don’t disrespect the contribution they made to rock n roll. These are 2 big name people you mentioned.

    • Dana on


      While I can appreciate what you are saying, please understand that this site is geared to a specific sub genre of “rock” music. If we had to include news about the influences of the influences, then we would be here all day.

      That means bands such as The Beatles and The Stones should certainly be covered here as they influenced the grandfathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath. How far back should we go because the Beatles were influenced by Chuck Berry. Everyone was obviously influenced by someone before them, however, these aforementioned bands and artists do not fit the profile as Eddie does not play them. Please be mindful that I try to keep the music news section consistent with Eddie’s radio shows. Enough said, can we all move on from this topic now? LOL!

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • Shawn on

      Not saying everyday news about these bands should be posted….. I get that, but when they happen to pass away, yea they deserve to be metioned. Thats all I’m saying, the thing I said about “hair metal” was out of line and for that I apologize.

    • Dana on

      No worries. I will try to be a little more mindful in the future.

      Dana from ET.com 🙂

    • Mike B on

      Nice…then again, Eric Carr died and Rolling Stone did not mention him. Rolling Stone IS reporting on Tommy Ramone however. Btw, I don’t care for hair metal either–I prefer the early 80’s when metal was dark and scary–and I was only 11.

    • Rick on

      Elvis Presley was a first generation rock’n’roller & BB King was a blues musician. Both were extremely important (I’m a huge fan of Elvis’s 50s material in particular), but neither played hard rock. The Ramones did. More punk than metal, but hard rock just the same. That justifies their presence here. A much closer branch on the rock’n’roll family tree, you could say.

  • jeff engler on

    I cant believe some of the stuff you guys complain about. Dana you do an awesome job – thanks for everything!!!!! And if you can – give MOTORBOAT a shout out tonight.. http://www.motorheadcruise.com less than 3 months to go.

  • Mark Ellis on

    I was metal/hard rock from the jump (Blue Cheer anyone?) but when the Ramones hit I dug what they were all about–rebellious, heavy, and over the top. “I Want To Be Sedated” is one of my favorite songs.

    Slightly off-topic, but also germane:

    A few weeks back a commenter here asked, “Why the phrase ‘hair metal.'” He pointed out with disdain that the early hard rock and metaliers had long hair, but nobody called them hair metal. I’m not crazy about the phrase either. At the risk of channeling Captain Obvious, here’s my take on why that phrase got started, and stuck.

    In the late seventies and early eighties, punk and New Wave hit, and a lot of those bands had completely different hair styles from the classic long-hair bands. Many of them had short hair. So, when bands like Quiet Riot, Crue, Ratt, Queensryche, Dokken etc. hit big in the early and mid-eighties, in some sense it was like a return to the classic long hair look.

    Also, it was the way that many of the New Wave of Heavy Metal musicians wore their hair, all fluffed up, blow-dried, frizzed-out and big. Even Ozzy came down with hair-fever (“check the “Shot In The Dark” era).

    That’s my two cents on how the phrase got coined.

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