Just back from a great visit to Houston. This was the first time I stayed right in the city and really enjoyed it. I hosted The Winery Dogs show at Warehouse Live on Thursday night. The band has finished touring for their latest album (outside of an appearance on Monsters cruise in Oct) and I had to catch one last show before it ended. Good to see Billy, Richie and Mike and hang with the great fans in Houston. Mike now continues with Twisted Sister, Richie has material ready for another solo album, and Billy has some projects as well and a date with Mr Big to kick off MORC. Looking forward to what’s next for this amazing band.

Hope everyone had a chance to check out my podcast with Joey Kramer. Apologies for what sounds like a typing sound in the audio. Seems to be a glitch somewhere in the audio chain and I am working to fix it. New podcast every Thursday, grab them now free at www.PodcastOne.com and Itunes.

Live SiriusXM show tomorrow night 6-10P ET on channel 39 TRUNKNation. Guests will include Ted Nugent and former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch. Like all the guys in Tesla, Tommy is an old friend and really has barely spoken since his departure from the band. I look forward to catching up with him. Maybe some other guests too.

Thrilled for Steven Adler playing some songs with GnR. He’s done it twice so far and sounded great with them. His smile says it all! Steven has wanted this so bad and I am so happy this is happening for him and Guns fans! Now where’s Izzy…? Looks like I might be catching GnR in Boston 7/20. More soon on that.

I’m headed to Vegas on Tuesday. Really psyched for some live club shows with my TMS partners Don & Jim. Come see us this Thursday in Vegas at Vamp’d, Friday at The Whiskey in LA, Saturday at M15 in Corona CA. All dates on the home page.

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  • Harold Taint on

    Ted Nugent is an asshole.

    • Medved on

      Uncle Ted has a knack for riling up the sheep. BAAAAA!

  • Mark Godwin on

    Ted Nugent is an a–hole for what? Speaking his mind? That’s not allowed these days in America? The man’s music is amazing, period. I’m so excited that Steven Adler is playing with GNR. Eddie, your podcast with Joey Kramer was amazing. It was nice to see another side of the bad. Will we be getting an update on Joe Perry hospitalization over the weekend? Let us know Eddie.

  • Jason Falkinham on

    I missed the Tommy interview. Did he have anything new to say about Tesla?

    • Biwdee on

      Me too…. I’d love to hear it if possible!

  • shannon mehaffey on

    Read a great book on Ted, by Martin Popoff, turns out Ted is not the songwriter many think he is…sure, he supplied those riffs, but he had so much help with the vocals and song structures…vocal guides that he had to sing to in the studio…you know, so what? that doesn’t negate my regard for his musicianship …that’s generally how things get done on the major league level, you bring in the best talent for the project you are working on to get the best possible result…

    This stuff about him dodging the draft is actually something Ted made up in the 70s because the war was so unpopular…he took what another Detroit musician actually did and took credit for it…Someone who knows Ted says that Ted got a high lottery number, but then Ted says he may have not been as honest as he could’ve been with regards to the draft, and regrets it.

    You read this book, and it pulls no punches, the picture is a net positive for Ted…

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