Huge thanks to Kelly Keagy, Jack Blades and Brad Gillis for coming by my radio show last night. Night Ranger have always been a killer dual guitar rock band. Been seeing them live almost since day one. Real good people as well if you ever have the chance to meet them. In addition to the interview that aired live last night on SiriusXM with the guys I also recorded an in depth interview with them for my upcoming new podcast. In the hour conversation the band talks about their early days and Brad goes in depth about his time with Ozzy and how he got the gig. The Eddie Trunk Podcast debuts 7/10 with new episodes posting every Thursday via Podcast One. The debut podcast will be an all new conversation with Judas Priest. I’ll be recording it next Monday in NYC. If you have a question you’d like me to ask them email me through this site and I’ll try to include it when I tape. The link to register for the podcast and further details coming soon. It will be free and available worldwide and also on Itunes. The Night Ranger interview will likely be week two. Much more to come.

Also thanks to Blitz from Overkill for dropping in last night. He is always hysterical and I have a ton of history and stories with Overkill who I pretty much grew up with in NJ. No doubt will do a podcast with them soon as well. New Overkill out 7/22, new Night Ranger out now. Was cool to represent both sides of the music world I love in one show last night. If you missed the interviews they are On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Just search my name or Trunk Nation. NR plays BB Kings tomorrow night. Congrats to my winners who entered in the new ET Box Office on this site and won tickets. Hope to see you there if I can get into NYC and break away.

Next appearance/signing: Retroactive, Broadway at The Beach, Myrtle Beach SC 5-7P. Both books for sale at the signing.

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  • DC on

    Can you ask Priest:
    1) Just how varied the setlist will be this time around? I’d REALLY like to see them bring out some songs they either haven’t played live, ever, or something that hasn’t been played in a very long time (like the brilliant “All Guns Blazing” – Glenn’s solo in that song is probably one of *the* greatest solos ever done, and I’d consider my life complete if I could ever play it!) I know they always feel pressured to play BTL, LAM and such, but ugh. Enough! Their catalog is SO deep that it’s a shame so many songs have been forgotten by them. They did add some variety (finally) last time around, but I’m talking gems like Stained Class, which Rob’s solo band did.

    2) Any chance at all that he and Scott would play any Fight tracks with Russ??? That’s 3/5 of Fight on one stage!!

    3) Also, ask Glenn if he’d ever sell his Hamers. I’d sell my left nut for any of them!! 🙂
    -Devin from CT

  • XTiN@ on

    I SO can’t wait for the podcast!! Signed up and ready to go! 😉

  • doug r. on

    Hey Eddie, only 1 question for JP, any chance of doing Vengeance in it’s entirety this time around on this tour?

  • andy on

    Why did priest wait until 7th lp (point of entry) to finally print lyrics on inner sleeve of vinyl? Rush & sabbath already did through the 70’s. Also even though most bands (maiden & rush) started printing the lyrics with their cassettes in 83 & 84, why did priest wait until 88 (ram it down)? Also from 84-90, priest printed the lead guitar credits with the lyrics but then (starting with jugulator) printed only the lyrics but no more lead guitar credits. Why stop printing the lead credits?

  • Mike Jones on

    Eddie, ask Priest what Les Binks is up to these days.

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