Tragic week in the world of rock with the deaths of Dusty Hill of ZZ Top, Mike Howe of Metal Church and former Slipknot drummer and founding member Joey Jordison. We don’t know all the details about the passing of these great musicians, but they will be missed by their friends, family and fans. I did not know Dusty. I do know Billy Gibbons fairly well. He has been a regular on my shows and we were in touch this afternoon. I posted more on what he was okay with me sharing with fans on my Twitter earlier. ZZ was amazing in that they are without a doubt the longest running band ever with never a lineup change. Billy confirmed the band will continue with Ellwood (who was subbing for Dusty) on bass. I met Joey a few times, including once when he was making a Murder Dolls album in studio. Knew him but not well. Mainly because of TMS and Don & Jim being close with him and his family. But was always a cool guy and fun to talk to and a great sense of humor. Same with Mike, knew him to say hello to, but not well. Many were thrilled he was back in MC as the albums they made with him were great. Condolences to all impacted by the death of these 3 great artists.

Tomorrow on TrunkNation and all new producer interview special with Max Norman. Amazing stuff on the Ozzy albums, plus Loudness, Lynch Mob, Y&T, Megadeth and more. Don’t miss it. 2-4 and 10-Mid ET SiriusXM Volume 106 or SiriusXM app. Also On Demand on the app tomorrow after first airing like every show. Back live Friday with your calls and Riki Rachtman calling in for the 40th of MTV.

New podcast tomorrow with Steve Whiteman of Kix. Current podcast with Kiss doc director DJ Viola.

This Saturday I’m in Ft Wayne IN hosting Warrant and Eric Martin at Sweetwater Pavilion. Come on out.

Thanks to all for a great early birthday party and send off to IDL in Tulsa. I’ll be back for Rocklahoma soon!

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  • Doug R. on

    God bless em all.

    Can’t Stop Rockin’…

  • Ray Gillen on

    Max Norman interview was awesome so much knowledge and history . Being a big Ozzy and Randy fan since the beginning of his solo career all these stories I haven`t heard fascinate me still. It would be cool to dedicate a entire week to him and discuss one of his most successful albums or recordings each day and leave the last day to cover miscellaneous ?`s . Thx Ed that was a great interview !

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