Amazing response keeps pouring in on the new season of TMS that kicked off last Saturday. Thanks to YOU it was the top rated show so far of 2013 for the network! Appreciate that and please keep it going and keep spreading the word about the new shows. Thanks!


Another ALL NEW episodes this Saturday at 11P ET with Corey Taylor & Josh Rand of Stone Sour. You will also see Dave Lombardo on the Metal Modem from Israel. The interview with Dave was done two days BEFORE Jeff passed away. Also Richie Kotzen plays guitar and yes we have a TOP 5 this week! I find it hysterical how many comments I have been sent about our new set. Although I love and respect all opinions, if you think I am going to care about a table or a set with all the other things I do with the show you are kidding! Hell I’ll do the show on a cardboard box as long as I get to do it, which is the important thing! Not a table or set!! The network has people that deal with the set. if you think I know or care what looks good come see my house. Haha! All that matters is that we are doing the show. God knows a table is the least of my concerns.


I’ll be live tomorrow 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC. Listen for FREE to the live stream using the iheartradio free app or by logging on to www.q1043.com I invited some of the guys from GnR to drop by but no confirmation yet if any will come. So listen and find out with me. Otherwise plenty of new and classic music and new to catch up on.


I’ll be LIVE this Monday on SiriusXM channel 39 Trunk Nation with a usual very busy show 6-10P ET/3-7 Pacific. Jon & Kat authors of Louder Than Hell drop by, Lillian Axe guitarist Steve Blaze calls in, Zakk Wylde comes in! Zakk starts off the interviews and will be in studio for me for about 30 minutes at 6:15P ET.


Pre orders now being taken at a special low price on Amazon for my second book coming out this Sept. Just search me on Amazon to pre order. Also my debut book out now makes a great Fathers day gift. Just click on the banner on the home page to order personalized signed copies of my debut. It’s also available now anywhere books are sold and also via Itunes. Really psyched for Volume 2 of “Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal” to come in Sept. Book signings and more TBA soon for the new one and thanks to all who pre ordered. Remember if you pre order always happy to still sign it at any event without another purchase as long as the store is cool with it. Also be sure to come see me next Saturday 6/15 at the grand opening of Gr8soundz Music, Main St in Hellertown PA 3-4PM. I’ll be selling and signing my first book there, or just come say hi. No purchase necessary!

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  • Whitesnake on

    Hi Eddie, great show last week! Looking forward to Corey and Josh this week! Just wondering…when are you going to get Ozzy on TMS??? Has he been asked to be on the show?? That would make TMS just toooo sweeeeeet!!!

  • Dave Shamblin on

    Eddie, I thought the premier show was great. Lol, I didn’t even think about the “set” until I saw some of the comments here. Really?? Fuck me, it’s a set.

    Keep up the great work; now we just need to lobby VH-1 to get HD. BTW, best part about the show is still the interaction between you, Don, and Jim. And also still love Stump the Trunk and wouldn’t mind seeing it expanded. Cracks me up when you get pissed at the questions. All good stuff!

  • Ryan on

    My question is if Sharon got you off the Boneyard, then what did Florentine do to get ON the Boneyard with his new show? (which by the way is good) lol

    • Mike on

      I was surprised to see Jim on the Boneyard as well. It’s cool that he has his own show. It is quite odd how Eddie is moved to Hair Nation and his co-host gets to be on the Boneyard.

      I’m glad they didn’t tell Jim that he had to be on Mondays 5-7 :).

  • Eric on

    I see you’re doing book signings for your new book. Hope you can come down to south florida again!

  • Luke on

    Great new show Eddie! All those new segments made my head spin but they are all very cool.

    I was at Bonzo Bash and it was such a great show. Lotsa drummers I never heard of but what a great job by everyone. Tichy is just NUTS! He should be WAY more famous. His drumming is unbelievable. Mike killed it as usual (and we saw him perform with the Adrenaline Mob guys maybe for the last time!). You and Carmine did a good job. I couldn’t stay for the after party but I’m sure it was great.

    Just a question… who was the drummer that threw his sticks in the audience? He was tall, thin, bald played with Ace. I could not hear his name for the life of me. Thanks!

    • Eddie on

      Matt Starr

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