Sorry for the late updates here. Been busy with some stuff and also hit the Jersey shore to spend some time with family this past weekend. I grew up at the shore and it’s good to see how much it’s bounced back from the storm. Still much work to be done but way better than I thought so soon after hurricane Sandy. If you have my first book you know the shore, and the Seaside Heights boardwalk is where I won and was exposed to so much of my favorite music as a kid.


Had a great in studio visit from Carmine Appice and Lita Ford on the satellite show last night. Great to see them both. Carmine and I went over to see Lita jam at Iridium (Les Paul jazz club in NYC) after the show. Cool to see Lita play the blues with that band. Both Lita and Carmine have books coming out soon, both have great stories!


Awesome response to the latest TMS with Jake & Rick Allen. The big story was people seeing and hearing Jake for the first time in so long, but Rick was also a great first time guest. Jake’s new album is close to done. I will have a much more in depth interview with him on the radio side once we get closer to the albums release. I’ve heard much of the album and it sounds very cool and very varied in styles. So glad I was able to track him down and he used TMS as his platform for relaunch. A great talent and good guy finally coming back from 20 plus years very much off the radar. My thanks to Ronnie Mancuso for his help and support to make the Jake interview happen. It replays all week. Was very happy Jake made his statement about writing Bark At The Moon and not being credited for it. I’ll leave it to you to figure out how that may have happened… At least he was able to get his overdue credit on TMS!


Giving away 20 copies of the new Sabbath via download on my site. Be sure to enter.


It’s still ways away but excited about the bands being announced for Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2014. Winery Dogs, Jake E Lee and many more among the recently confirmed acts with more to come. Speaking of The Winery Dogs so happy to see how many are finally discovering the amazing Richie Kotzen through this band. When I suggested Richie for the gig I knew he would raise the most eyebrows with his stellar playing and equally amazing voice. Good to see LONG overdue attention about to come his way in the US. The album is out in the US late July and I’ll be hosting the first ever US show with the band at BBs in NYC 8/3.


Getting tons of requests for signings for my next book out 9/24. My publisher decides on the cities and locations for the first month or so of release. Of course I’d love to come to as many places as possible. I’ll have the first couple weeks to post soon. I’ll do my best to keep getting out there as much as possible. Pre order Vol 2 now at a special low price on Amazon. Hit the banner on the home page.

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  • Karl on

    Really look forward to your new book and am enjoying exploring your website…while I’m a big fan of Poison, what gives with all the Bret Michaels shout outs? :)…banner and 2 ads!

    • Eddie on

      Advertising, which keeps the site alive!

  • Bill on

    i`ve seen every show and this was my favorite yet, I`m a huge Jake fan and it was great seeing Jake again. There`s just so many ?`s to ask him but unfortunately we didnt get them all answered but we still got some great info. I was happy he addressed the Badlands era. I actually got a little choked up when he talked about Ray and how he was an irreplacable singer and how he called him to get things going again but unfortunately Ray passed away a very short time later. I`m sure Ray was happy to hear the news and probably was good for him to rest in peace knowing Jake had called. Wouldnt it be cool to get Bob Daisley and Jake on together ? I`d like to hear some of there recollections of the Ozzy period. Rick was also a great interview I`m not a big Leppard fan but it was still was interesting. Keep up the good work man.

  • Brian Burger on

    This was a great episode but disappointed that Jake has been absent from the music scene nationally and we didn’t get much in an interview on TMS about what he’s been up to for the last 20 years. I am glad he’s back with another band outing and I am hoping they tour where I am at. I love the new set and the new segments and am looking forward to the rest of the season. Keep up the great work guys!!!!

  • jc red on

    Don’t forget,Eddie said they only get a small amount of time per segment,to get all his questions in would take a longer show.Thank goodness vh1 gave them an hour instead of the puny half hour show,they used to have.Imagine how little they could ask then..Also don’t forget tv shows as well as radio is mostly, about advertising dollars,leaving the amount of viewers to dictate the length of these shows lives…Unfortunately I learned at an early age radio is mainly about advertising revenue,with the music being a minor part of the big picture,or background filler so to speak.Sad but true,not like the days of old where Fm radio was rebel radio,where dj’s helped break many a band,or song,with b-sides.etc….That’s why I appreciate Eddies show,he’s like one of us.The last of a dying breed of dj-interview,etc.But he still has the freedom to choose his format….Keep it up..Hope to meet you at BB kings 8/3 for the winery show!!!

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