Caught Yngwie Malmsteen this past Tuesday in NJ as the Guitar Gods tour rolled into Bergen PAC. Yngwie still brings it big time both as a player and performer. Band was great as well. Did an hour and forty minute set with all the “hits” as well as some cool jams. He also did a couple bluesy tunes which I really really liked. Yngwie is one of the all time shred kings no doubt, but I really love when he slows down a bit and gets a little more melodic. Just stunning after 30 years to still see this guy do what he does so well. I unfortunately missed Gary Hoey and Bumblefoot but did see them join the end jam on Deep Purple “Burn”. If you are into guitar playing amazing players no doubt! I posted photos on my twitter and Instagram.

Headed to WI and IL this weekend. Hosting Rockesha in Waukesha WI this Saturday and also a show in Elgin IL this Sunday. Details and links on my site. I am not sure what my availability will be yet for meet and greets at each event so please follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk if going and I will send updates as I get them in the day. I will be traveling with both of my books as well if you’d like to purchase one. See you this weekend if attending these shows.

My first ever podcast launches next month! “The Eddie Trunk Podcast” will be available via Podcast One and free on all the usual platforms worldwide. First one to post 7/10 and details on each weeks TBA. Excited to add this component to my outlets and look forward to doing some different stuff from time to time with the podcast as well. More details soon.

Both of my books still available directly from me and signed and personalized. Just hit the Books tab or banner on this site for order info.

Have a nice weekend all. I’m going back to unpacking boxes from my move. Ever tell you how much moving sucks….?

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    • David C on

      Eddie put Yngwie’s “hits” in quotes because he knows there aren’t any. But he can play, that’s for sure.

  • Todd on

    I really enjoy Yngwie’s take on the blues as well. There’s a youtube video of him shredding some blues I love to watch now and again. In my opinion, he has withstood the test of time.

  • CheeseHead on

    Shame Rockesha folded the way it did. I highly doubt the promoter is suicidal – just doesn’t have the balls to face up to the fact that he fucked up and doesn’t know what he is doing. Wisconsin loves heavy metal so it is odd that there was such a poor showing. Yeah the weather can be questionable out here but come on. Sounds like the bands were all there ready to play. I am disappointed in the bands – they should have played for the fans. We love the Mr Big guy – you love your fans – we give you props. The rest of you are not true 80’s bands – back in the day you would not have cared – you played cuz you loved to rock! If it gets rescheduled they need to have it in Milwaukee where there are plenty of covered places to play. Hope things work out.

    • bobbyd on

      from what I have read it was a very sad situation in WI. YOU ARE 100% correct this promoter did not know what the hell he was doing! you always have to have cash to cover your self in case something like this happens , that being said , bands cant play for free and should not ! with file sharing /free music , bands can no longer depend on cd sales to make a living , rock is now for the most part a touring business- you start doing shows for free and your fucked – no matter how much I like my customers and they like me, I am not coming to work for free!!

    • CheeseHead on

      True no one wants to work for free. And I get the bands do not make a lot on cd sales these days. My hubby & I go to Exclusive Company to buy cd’s to help put some coin in people’s pockets & we go to shows when we can afford to. Everything is about money – no way around it.

  • Jason on

    Eddie, are you doing Farmrock in Wauconda this year? I know it’s a different promotion, but last year was great!

  • Steve on

    I was at the first “Guitar Gods” show in Wilkes Barre Pa.. it was a good show, a guy (band) T.D. Clark opened the show, he was great had some hard rock instrumental songs and was very good on stage, some country ? band played next, not sure how they got in there. Bumblefoot was next, he was really good and funny. He had some tech problems with his rig at the beginning, so his band did some playing and ended up playing Maidens Run To The Hills…and when BF was ready he said lets finish the song! It was Great!, Gary Hoey was next..Awesom mix of hard rock and Hard Blues…Great performer. Next the Mighty Yngwie…..ok let me start by stating the stage was 3/4 triple stacked Marshalls and 1/4 drums , keyboards and the bass player wedged in between. The keyboard player was also the singer, and he did a Great job. But I gotta say this guy got more rest (vocally) than James LeBrie from DT! Now I know YM can shread (after all it is the Guitar Gods Tour), however I and they guys that I was with felt there was WAY too much soloing. We would like to have seen more songs (with vocals). It got to a point were people were walking out during the show. Good show over all, but Yngwie Please Please do more songs…We know you can shread!

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