Hope all the fellow Dad’s out there had a great Fathers Day. I spent mine with my Dad and about 16 members of my family and of course my son and daughter. Was a good day, hope yours was also.

Thanks to all who came to my signing at the grand opening of Gr8 Soundz Music in Hellertown PA Saturday. Amazing turn out and was great meeting you all. When my 2nd book comes out in Sept hope to come back through again if not sooner. Also to those in the Allentown PA area WZZO is no longer airing my show. This is their decision and had nothing to do with me. Please let them know how you feel. Thanks.

3 episodes of the all new TMS have now aired. Hope you all enjoyed Rex Brown, Sebastian Bach, Vinny Appice and Danko Jones on our Metal Modem. This episode repeats all week on VH1 Classic and can now also be seen online if you don’t get VH1C. All episodes on my site as well as www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com As you can see we have a ton of new features we are rotating in and out in this new season. Trying new stuff and keeping things fresh. All the feedback is welcome and appreciated. Another all new episode this Saturday with two first time guests; Def Leppard’s Rick Allen, and Jake E Lee! Jake was one of our top Whatever Happened To’s for ages and I put a lot into tracking him down and getting him on the show. You will hear some of his story this Saturday for the first time on TMS! This is a great one I think you guys will love.

Huge response to the interview with Vivian Campbell I did this past Friday on the Q104.3 show. Remember this show airs on all affiliate stations and online outlets this coming weekend. Stations all listed on this site. Also members of the site will hear this show On Demand starting next week.

Headed to NYC now. Join me LIVE today 6-10P ET on SiriusXM channel 39 for Trunk Nation. Music & talk that Rocks!

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  • T on

    You somehow coaxed John Sykes and Jake E Lee out, next maybe Vito from White Lion?
    You’re on a roll, and a very good one. Keep up the great work!

  • Steve on

    Would love to see the great Neal Schon on TMS, one of the most underrated guitarists of all time.

    • Eddie on

      Been asked, like every major artists everyone asks for, hope one day

  • Brian on

    Ed, how about trying to get Vinnie Vincent ?

  • steve on

    Dont you guys pay attention. every musician you guys request, dont you think Eddie has already tried to get? wake up. go to you tube there’s a 2 hour interview with Vito bratta that Eddie did a few years back

    • T on

      So anyone that Eddie’s interviewed a few years back should never be a guest on TMS? That would certainly eliminate countless potential guests.

  • Brad on

    Vito & Jake went to the bottom of the ocean and were found, Vincent would be a great interview but he probably signed a Kiss Kontract that forbades talking. A book would be cool, much like Sammy Hagar’s unreleased first book which is better than his released one….or like Billy Joel’s unreleased he had tiny nuggets to stop.

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