A very happy Father’s Day weekend to my Dad Ray and all the fellow Dad’s out there!

Live TrunkNation today. Free For All Friday, all listener calls! Live 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106. Call in at 844-686-5863. Show replays 9-11P ET. This Saturday and Sunday my weekend Best Of is on 106 8-10P ET and features my Town Hall interview with Nickelback.

Eddie Trunk Rocks FM show debuts tonight 11P ET Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Both stations stream free.

New podcast now up with Nicko McBrain. Free Itunes or www.PodcastOne.com

Next Tuesday in studio for TrunkNation on Volume will be producer Max Norman! Follow on Twitter for updates @EddieTrunk

Attending final Peter Criss show in NYC Saturday. Looking forward to it and thanks to Peter and Gigi for the invite to this special night. See you there if going to The Cutting Room!

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  1. Damn I wish I could be there! Good luck Peter, all the best. Thanks again for all the great music and memories, and the drum sticks from ’96! 😉

  2. Ed Trunk, waitin’ for that Peter Criss report; I’m countin’ on ya Ed….please tell us what he played, who was there…how were his chops? I almost went, but just couldn’t bring myself to sit through the long flight, airport security, etc., etc….It would’ve been a solo jaunt.

  3. Eddie

    I love peter and don’t want to slam him but I watched a clip or two and , at least on Hard Luck Woman, he didn’t even sing lead !!
    I mean , I can see not playing drums ( sort of ) but lead ?
    If I paid money to this I’d be so f***ing pissed .

    Peter, its your last show, do some rehearsal and planning is it that tough .

  4. I WAS THERE,IT WAS A SAD AFFAIR.HE SOUNDED BAD,LIKE THERE WAS LITTLE OR NO REHEARSAL .I GET IT HES OLD.THEREFORE WHY GO OUT AN DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS.TO ME IT WOULD BE LIKE MICHAEL JORDON GOING OUT AT 71 TO DO ONE LAST GAME,IT WOULD BE TERRIBLE.WHY DO IT,BUT WE KNOW WHY money.the song selection was terrible as well.if this show was for the fans one last time,then why not play songs that the fans loved.no songs that you loved.lets face it his solo stuff was not received well by anyone.so why not do the peter songs from the kiss stuff? but ole eddie reports it like it was the best thing since sliced bread.i guess hes just being kind to his friend.

  5. Jeffery
    Obviously Eddie isn’t going to say anything bad. I get it.

    I think it was just plain lazy and , quite frankly , a slap in the face to the fans. Some supporting him for over 40 years !
    The drumming would have taken a lot more practice.

    The singing , even at his age ( waters, jagger and, on and on) would have been just fine.
    Again > Lazy
    The song selection was a joke !
    This was like being at his house on a Saturday night and jamming with friends. Nothing more > Sad

    1. I will and always will say how I truly feel. If you expected a bombastic heavy rock show from Peter Criss then you have no idea what Peter is all about his entire life in music and where he comes from.. just listen to the ’78 solo album! Why would this be anything else?

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