Packed house this past Saturday night at Starland Ballroom in NJ as Twisted Sister performed a farewell show of sorts to the tri-state area where they have had roots for 40 years and also a benefit for deceased drummer AJ Pero’s family. Mike Portnoy has been filling in on drums and has done and amazing job in his first two dates (Vegas and NJ) with the band. The best way to see TS is in a packed large club like Starland. I’ve seen these guys so many times ever since they reunited in 2001 for my NY Steel event, but have to say this was one of the best performances yet. It was filled with emotion, passion, energy, great songs, and a crowd that sang every word. AJ made an appearance for the drum solo via the video screens, with Portnoy starting and AJ taking over. Really cool classy moment. But as has always been the case with TS the star is Dee Snider and it is incredible what this guy still does as a performer and singer at now 60! He is in remarkable shape, moves as much as ever, and vocally is still a powerhouse. So why is TS ending next year? Because Dee knows he can’t keep this up at this level and wants to get out before cracks do begin to show. I credit the band for this because I am one that would much rather have a group end than destroy their legacy by replacing key members an/or having original members at half their ability. Twisted has maybe a dozen shows next year and that will be it. But I can tell you they are going out as strong as they have ever been. One other thing; being they are a NY band the assumption would be they would do their final show in the NY area? But Jay Jay told me that’s very doubtful given that TS is a WAY bigger band in Europe these days and they may end there, which is also an area they were first embraced as well. If you get the chance see these guys one last time, they truly are going out at the top of their game as far as performances go.

Nice to see after 40 years Rolling Stone woke up and realized there is this band called Rush that are kind of good and they might want to put on the cover…. Better late than never I guess.

Live SiriusXM show tonight 6-10P ET on channel 39 with Trixter in studio and plenty of time for your open phone calls as well.

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  1. eddie ,the rolling stone interview with geedy,says hes got some ideas of touring,without touring???hope its the usual sty of 10 days or less,in vegas,where rush fans fly to see rush???maybe.what do you think eddie???gregg

  2. Eddie,

    That’s very cool how the Twisted Sister show went down. I wish I could have witnessed that. By any chance was that performance recorded for DVD or do you know if they have plans to do that with any of the upcoming shows?

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