If anyone has ever moved you know how insane it can be. Well that was the last week of my life! Now that I have relocated (still in NJ) the unpacking begins which will likely take years at the rate I’m going. Anyway been slammed with that and other stuff but just a quick check in and update before I get back to opening boxes. Thanks to all who listened to the Q104.3 show last night. Was a good diversion from my moving week and got in lots of great new music from Rival Sons, Tesla, Ace Frehley, Slash, Crobot, and tons more. I’ll update my playlists when I get a chance.I will be live on SiriusXM 39 this Monday 6-10P ET. Tesla will be live in the studio with me. Call in and talk with the guys live. They should be by in the first hour.

If in the NY/NJ area many cool shows next few days. Tesla at Irving Wed, Guitar Gods at Starland tonight and Bergen PAC Tues, Black Star Riders at BBs Tuesday. By the way, Uli is off Guitar Gods and was not replaced. So now a 3 band bill. Not sure what I can make based on what I am dealing with at home. I will be in Waukesha WI and Elgin IL next weekend. All details on my appearances on the home page.

Happy Fathers Day to all the fellow Dads out there. Much more soon.

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  • Ron on

    C’mon Ed. Track down Vinnie Vincent and get him on the tour. The he can have a quitar duel every night with Yngwie just like he always wanted.

  • Wilson Smalls on

    I was wondering if you’ve heard much from the band Annihilator. Especially from their first two albums “Alice In Hell”, and “Never, Neverland”. Jeff Waters is such an amazing and underated guitarist! By the way, your the man Eddie! Keep on rockin’ bro!

    • jase on

      Wilson.. Did you even bother going to the bands website?

      They have put out loads of albums aka

      Annihilator discography

      Alice in Hell (1989)
      Never, Neverland (1990)
      Set the World on Fire (1993)
      King of the Kill (1994)
      Refresh the Demon (1996)
      Remains (1997)
      Criteria for a Black Widow (1999)
      Carnival Diablos (2001)
      Waking the Fury (2002)
      All for You (2004)
      Schizo Deluxe (2005)
      Metal (2007)
      Annihilator (2010)
      Feast (2013)

      Ps. And not trying to be a smartass… But you people kill me asking where bands are at and what have you when all you have to do is use Google! Lol.

    • Steve D. on

      I think he was just asking Eddie if he listened to them, especially those two. Maybe just wanting his opinion on them. Just sayin’.

    • Evan on

      Wilson CLEARLY DID NOT ask “have you heard anything about what Annihilator have been doing lately?”

      HE ASKED : “if you’ve heard much from the band Annihilator”…. Wilson means that he likes the band and was curious to know if Eddie has heard any songs from them. The proof continues when he says “especially FROM their first 2 albums” .

      I agree with the content of your response – all people have to do is go online and check this shit out
      but, that argument does not apply to what Wilson posted. You RIGHTEOUSLY jumped on him when he wasn’t even asking anything close to what you thought he was asking.

      ….and he was asking Eddie…who are you?

    • jase on

      Well I hope so. Even still, the fact that SO MANY asks “What happened to this band/singer” when all they have to do is use the damn internet. No. That alone justifies this post.

    • aaron on

      I think you got Wilson’s post wrong. I think he was just asking if Eddie had ever listened to Annihilator, and recommended their first two albums. I don’t think he was asking if Eddie knew what they are doing. And do think you were trying to be a smartass, and your post really wasn’t “laugh out loud” funny.

    • jase on

      You’ll live

  • Jim From Houston on

    Rival Sons CD is Awesome! Best Band I’ve heard in a Long time! The Singer has great range and a soulful vibe. The Guitar is Page like but modern. The bass can be lost a little bit though. Everything else coming out lacks the Vibe Rival Sons have. Another really good newer band is Sasquatch sort of Sound Garden meets Sabbath really cool .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0dqpQosFZA

    • aaron on

      One vote for Rival Sons (Jim)… and one against (me). Sound reminds you of Black Crowes or Cream… EXCEPT the songs are just not there so makes you just want to play BC, Cream, or better yet… the newly remastered Zeppelin albums.

      Check out High Spirits… a mix of early Scorpions & Def Leppard. Melodic NWOBHM sound with some actual GOOD songs to back it up. It’s feel good music, not that Rival Sons or Winery Dog feeling-less music.

  • Brandon on

    Congrats on the move. A total PITA for sure – hope you get settled soon. Whereabouts are you? North, central, south?

    • Eddie on

      Thanks, still in NJ, just a little bigger place for my kids

  • George on

    What’s up with Ace’s album being delayed??

    • Eddie on

      He wrote 2 more songs at the very end and added them. Done now and out in August

    • Steve D. on

      Now THAT is worth waiting for. I have a strange feeling this cd will put him back in the limelight.

    • Steve D. on

      Wonder if a title of one of them is… “No matter what you see, there’s only one of me”!

    • doug r. on

      Would be funny if Ace did a cover of “Double Vision” and dedicated it to Tommy 🙂

    • George on

      Thanks Eddie…

    • Trapper Crane on

      LMAO to the comment about Ace covering “Double Vision” then giving it to Tommy.

      Eddie, what ever happened to that Ace demo with Eric Carr singing (probably intended for the first Frehley’s Comet album or Trouble Walkin). I read in a interview with Guitar World in the early 90s with Ace and he mentioned that (at that time) he had just found it. He had mentioned he was going to put it on his “next album”. (again this is circa 92, 93)

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