Had a great chat with brilliant drummer Rod Morgenstein from The Dregs and Winger tonight. Rod has a great story and you will hear it for my upcoming podcast. Also coming soon Jamey Jasta, Joe Lynn Turner, and this Thursday an interview that I aired part of in my radio show recently that made a much of news with Michael Schenker. Michael has an issue with his brother Rudy and you will hear his side of it in my newest podcast posting this Thursday on Itunes and www.podcastone.com free. Hard to believe I just recently passed my 100th episode of The Eddie Trunk Podcast and it was exactly two years ago that I launched it. I’ve heard from many all over the world that enjoy it and we’ve had some great moments, including the two recent exclusives with Angel and Twisted Sister from Vegas. More cool ones to come. Thanks for your support as always.

No news still on a new home for TMS. Repeats continue for now on VH1 Classic. Also on the TV side please check out Reel To Real on AXS TV. It’s a new series I host every Tuesday night 9P ET. I realize some don’t get this channel, but if you do and you like music docs check it out. Have many more cool TV things hopefully in the works as well while we work on the future of TMS.

Please be sure to check the appearances on the home page for new additions. Just added Syracuse, Houston and have a W coast swing coming as well.

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