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Best of luck to my friend Doug Aldrich who has just announced his departure from Whitesnake. I’ve been in touch with both he and David Coverdale and the split is amicable. Doug will explore new opportunities and DC will search for the next in a long line of great players in his history. More soon I’m sure.

If in the Detroit area come hang tomorrow night with me, Don & Jim for our live show at The Token Lounge. Info on th home page under appearances. I will have both books for sale as well as T Shirts and other merch at the gig. See you soon Detroit area!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, my wife and all the Mom’s out there. Enjoy the weekend!

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  • staten island clown on

    That is surprising. I bet it was over the size of Doug’s paycheck. Thinking about Ronnie, he said some really profound things in his songs, and he sort of did this Biblical thing with his words where he would say something very far reaching and deep, even complex, but compose as to be very simple and direct. “Look beyond your own horizons, sail the ship of sighs.” Horizons are your fields of freedom, your power, your property. Ronnie is saying to transcend those, and even transcend your understanding of ‘the other.’ Your perception of another is not to be against the backdrop of your horizons, but rather it should be of the pure individual. The ship of sighs is being present, not this relatedness that is always forward and backward.

  • Shawn in Nawlins on

    Eddie- Any chance DC will be pulling in a discovery out of obscurity? My vote is that young Aussie Casey Jones, De La Cruz guitar/founder

  • witch meadow band on

    Too bad. The last two Whitesnake albums were incredible. Perhaps Mr. Coverdale could bring in Steve vai and John Sykes for an album/tour? But i’m sure there are dozens of talented guitarist that the label have waiting to go. On another note congrats to KOBRA AND THE LOTUS for landing opening slot on the kiss/def leppard tour this summer! They will be the band to watch when the new album comes out.

    • luke on

      Um well when Gene manages you (or discovered you, I forget), you probably are a good contender for an opening slot in front of KISS lol

  • Jason on

    Danzig was on before and suicidal is touring with Slayer and Exodus right now

  • Chris on

    Thanks for the update eddie. Doug is a fantastic muscian. It be nice if they slide Reb to the lead position, but unfortunately he is really not a blues influenced picker with huge virbroto. Nobody to this day could reproduce fully John Sykes virbroto and picking. John isn’t doing anything, bring him back, he is one of the best guitarist I have ever heard, Aldrich was exceptional guitarist too, but John had this magic in his playing and is a exceptional song writer and arranger.

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