Flying to Los Angeles today to for a weekend celebrating the life of Ronnie James Dio and various events to raise money for the cancer charity set up in his name. As many of you know Ronnie was one of my close friends and favorite people. We did countless interviews over the years on radio and TV and he was simply the best! It is hard to believe this Saturday will already be 5 years since we lost him to stomach cancer. Shortly after his passing Wendy called me to tell me how strongly Ronnie felt about me and that she would like me to host his public memorial in LA at Forest Lawn. An honor beyond words! If you have my first book I write about that weekends events in detail. Ever since Wendy and her team have had me attached to several events done to raise money in Ronnie’s name. Her and her organization have done some remarkable things the last 5 years and I am always grateful to donate my time to help when I can. They even gave me an award which I am proudly looking at as I write this. This year Wendy called on me to come out and host this weekends activities and again I am supremely honored. We have celebrity bowling this Friday, a public memorial Saturday, a BBQ and bike rally Sunday. All open to the public. All also have music and performances as well. Unlike 5 years ago when everyone was coming to terms with losing Ronnie, Wendy has told me this time around the tone should be celebratory, so that’s what we will do! I hope to see many of you in Southern California this weekend if you can make it. It is cliche at times to say when someone passes away they will never be forgotten. But in the case of Ronnie it is so true. The man left us with so many strong memories and great music he very much still feels alive if you are a rock/metal fan. Between his work with Dio, Rainbow and Sabbath alone his voice is constantly a part of my radio shows and personal listening. RIP RJD, we will celebrate you this weekend in LA! www.Diocancerfund.org

Not sure how much I will be able update here before I return next Tuesday but will try. Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for updates and photos from all events.

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  1. Chad from Pussycat was wearing a That Metal Show shirt at the show in Chicago last Sunday…cool that bands support like that.

  2. I can’t believe it’s been five years since the passing of Ronnie James Dio. Gone too soon. Luckily, we have tons of great music to listen to forever.

    I’ll never forget the Friday night after he died, I sat and listened to about seven hours of Dio music from Elf to Rainbow to Sabbath to Dio to Heaven and Hell, including Rising, the Heaven and Hell album, and Holy Diver from start to finish. How many artists have released essential albums with three different bands?

    I’m love to see a DVD release of the extremely well done TMS Tribute. The ending was truly moving with the crowd chanting “DI-O” while the opening guitar of The Last in Line played.

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