Had a chance to finally finish watching the HBO show Vinyl. I heard a lot of negatives about this show from some, mostly because it wasn’t exactly accurate on some stuff. But who ever said this was a documentary? That didn’t bother me at all and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Was it a perfect first season? No. But if you are a music fan was it a fun show and well done? 100%! So cool to see actual bands of the time portrayed like Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Bowie, Lennon, and my first favorite band The Raspberries! The corruption and drugs of the 70’s music business has been well documented. Just read the book about Casablanca and Century Media may have been based on that alone! I grew up working in the music business in the 80’s so this was a bit before my time, but I can tell you many of the people and characters in Vinyl were very real, as were the practices of faking sales, theft and payola. I loved Dice in the debut episode, he was one of many great performances. It was also cool for me to hear some of the legendary NYC radio stations and their DJ’s (some I worked with) given mentions. The show is now set up for what should be a great second season. I recommend it to music fans of you haven’t seen it.

I’ve heard that many are now seeing promos for the show I am hosting on AXS TV called Real To Reel. Thanks for all the kind words. Again this is only me hosting a series of music docs. I don’t want people getting the wrong impression that it’s anything like TMS or an interview show. I have completed all the work already for this series. Unfortunately my cable service doesn’t carry AXS but for those that get it enjoy. Hopefully the start of some other cool projects to come and it was great to work with their team.

Getting very close to final edit of my interview pilot “Inside Out” with Ace Frehley as my guest. We will then take it out to networks and see if we can find a home. More soon.

Finally on the TV front we are still very much hoping to find a new home for TMS. None of the above has anything to do with that show and the minute the owner of that show finds a new home I am all in! In the meantime VH1 Classic still showing replays. Thanks!

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  1. Hey Eddie, just wondering, now that you’re on the R&RHOF committee, (still sounds weird to say that) what do you think the chances are of Sammy Hagar getting in as a solo artist? Oh yeah, and what about Uncle Ted? Maybe you can work some magic and pull some strings? We’ve made some progress with Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, etc., but we still got a long way to go, about 20 or so more artists/bands to get in there, like Pat Benatar! Come on Trunk/committee, treat her right! Well I know you will Eddie, that was more for “them.” 😉

    1. MR. Taint, I’m only speaking of Ted Nugent – the musician, NOT the politician! Besides, there are already ALOT of a-holes already in the HOF, so politics shouldn’t matter. I don’t agree or disagree with everything Uncle Ted says, but this is just about his MUSIC, and nothing else.

    2. …And when I say his MUSIC, I’m also speaking of the great Derek ST. Holmes! Uncle Ted’s right hand man, for many years.

    3. I agree with Doug. Ted is just as big an A-Hole as the other A-Holes at the HOF. So he should be receiving a special President’s recommendation into the Hall of A-Holes.

    4. I don’t know what you’re agreeing with DR, I never said Ted was an A-hole. I thought you outgrew twisting sh-t? Come on bro, I know you don’t like your Uncle Teddy, politically that is, but musically, Uncle Ted rocks! I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on, you can’t deny that, and that’s all I’m talking about. It’s “GONZO” time, cheers! See ya…

    5. I was agreeing with you Big Bro. You said ‘there are alot of a-holes in the HOF, so politics shouldn’t matter’. So I thought you were acknowledging that Nuge is an A-Hole…which he definitely is. And I agree that an A-Hole like him should be in the largest institution comprised mostly of A-Holes.

      If you like Ted as a musician, and I know you do then more power to you. I truly think that’s what it should be about. But unfortunately for me, Ted is just far too outspoken for me to appreciate anything he’s done anymore. I don’t think of him as Ted the musician, I can only think of him as Ted the outspoken dumbass….which is really too bad because in all honesty, Ted’s last couple of albums have actually been very good. Very heavy and very musical. Its some of his best work but he’s too stupid to keep his mouth shut and let his music do the talking. So he dies by the very sword he lives by.

  2. Look, I love Sammy as much as the next guy, maybe more, but he’s not even top five most egregious omissions at this point. We’ve still got to address Journey, Duran Duran, Yes, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Soundgarden. Hell, I dislike them very much, but The Smiths are getting in before Sam and Ted. And that’s not to mention that you’ve got Pearl Jam coming up (they’re guaranteed first ballot entry) and some of the alt-rock bands like Jane’s Addiction, Oasis…

    1. I’ll agree with your first 5 addressee’s, especially Yes! But not before Sammy! I don’t need to go over what Sammy has done over the last 40+ years, you being a fellow Redhead I’m sure you’re already aware of all his accomplishments. Sammy, Ted, Benatar, just to name a few, your first 5, they should all already be in! Hopefully with the Trunkster on the board, it will finally happen!

    2. What Sammy has done? put out a crapload of mediocre records each with, at most, three or four good songs on it, none achieving greatness? He has a great vibe, and is a great singer, and has talent, but HOF? For God’s sake Doug will you get a grip on reality for a second?

    3. Shannon, I’m too f–king tired to argue with you right now, do your Sammy research, go all the way back to Montrose, and then all the way to Chickenfoot and The Circle, you can even skip Van Hagar if you want. Now, if after all that you still don’t think Sammy deserves to be in the HOF, then I give up! But only on you! 😉

    4. Doug, first, being tired is just an excuse and is unacceptable in this metal forum. You don’t see our moderator ever complain that she’s tired on here do you? OOOOhhhhh, I know, that one stung…

      Second, then induct Montrose, he’s in with Van Hagar already Doug, so, your arguing for his inclusion as a solo artist, and the guy is second tier all the way in that regard…look, I put Sammy in the top 20% of all musicians in the world, that’s an elite group, but the HOF is more like the top 8%, Sammy scrapes the bottom of that group, in other words…

      Nice talking with you, as always Doug, speaking of getting stung, I’m off to Vegas to get Blacked out this weekend..

      Cheers Doug,

      The Clown.

    5. Shannon, Clown, it takes ALOT of energy to argue with you! LOL! Energy that I just didn’t have last night. Look, bottom line is, when a factory made (for the most part) robot like Madonna, rappers with a very offensive name (Ni–ers with attitude, or something like that) and a group of dancing queens like ABBA get inducted into the R&RHOF, and a legend, that’s right, I said legend! Like The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar doesn’t as a solo artist, something’s wrong! Good luck in Vegas, hope you enjoy getting “Blacked Out!” Scorpions should be in the HOF as well!! DO u at least agree with that? 😉 Cheers! 🙂

    6. Just a few of my own thoughts..

      What about my favorite band of all time, Judas Priest? Sorry, but I think, they deserved to be admitted a long time ago. Also, Deep Purple being overlooked all those years, whether one is a fan of the band or not, was a major travesty.

      Furthermore, if we are having a discussion about Hagar being considered for admittance as a solo artist, then one must consider inducting Ozzy as well. Ozzy had much greater success as a solo artist than Hagar ever did, and dare I say, possibly better than his former band, Black Sabbath.

      Of course, if Ozzy should ever be included, then all of the great musicians that were responsible for making his solo career so viable, such as: the late, great Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley, Lee Kerlsake, Jake E. Lee and Zakk Wylde, should all be included along with the Prince of Darkness.

      D 🙂

    7. Deep Purple being overlooked all those years was absolutely a travesty! As is JP, OZ, AND Hagar not already being in! 😉

    8. What has he done? He had a nice three year run in the early 80’s and has put out a ton of mediocre albums before and since. He has 17 solo studio albums and 2 went platinum. He played arenas for a few years and is now playing casinos and fairs. He has done absolutely nothing to even be talked about for the HOF as a solo artists. Using Madonna and NWA as examples of why Hagar should be in is absurd. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    9. 3, you forgot about ABBA! But it’s o.k., most people do. Wasn’t using them as an example as to why Hagar should be in, using them as an example as to why the R&RHOF is CLUELESS!! Record “sales” don’t mean everything, as a solo artist, Sammy never worried about making music for critics, or big “hits” just to sell a few more records. Solid songs/anthems were more important to him and his fans/Redheads. “Red,” “Rock ‘N’ Roll Weekend,” “Turn Up The Music,” “Trans Am,” “One Way To Rock,” “Heavy Metal,” “55,” “Eagles Fly,” “Little White Lie,” “Marching To Mars,” “Mas Tequila,” “Shaka Doobie,” – you call that nothing?? And that’s only a dozen examples of Hagar’s greatness, and there are dozens and dozens more! Arenas, Casinos, Fairs, doesn’t matter, I’d rather see Sammy in a smaller venue, as I would with most artists! Jason, have you ever seen Hagar live? If you haven’t, you should, that’s the best way, the only way to really get how incredible of an artist Hagar really is, he is “The Real Deal!” Have to fly dude, have a great “Rock ‘N’ Roll Weekend,” cheers! GO Cubs GO!!

    10. Doug, Abba is a great group, I rarely play their records, but, they belong in the HOF, they are in the top 5%.

    11. Most artists would’ve sold their first born for a sniff of a career like ABBA’s. I would suggest they definitely are HOF material (if the HOF was an actual legitimate enterprise). In terms of hit singles, Bjorn and Benny could be considered the greatest song writing duo of all time.

  3. Commenthey ed.i asked you this before but no repsonse,so here goes agai,once someone or if someone does pick up the show inside out,wont the interview be dated with ace,now that the record has comeout and he has done a ton of interviews???

  4. I just watched some Priest’s Ram It Down tour, Hollywood, FL on youtube, and it just blew my mind…to play and write metal that good, you have to be some kind almost genius..metal songs are the most challenging to write, it’s so much easier to write a good pop song or a ballad, but to write metal songs, that can capture your attention while still keeping up that intensity? During the aforementioned show, during “Turbo Lover,” Rob get down on all fours and does this, I guess, Prince type move, it’s so funny though when Rob does it.

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