Back in the NY groove after a week in LA last week. Radio off to a great start having Mark Tremonti in studio along with Eric Friedman of Tremonti on both shows. Heads up to those that don’t have SiriusXM! Until May 29th the company is offering the service FREE, and that includes my channel 106 Volume! So if you have a Sirius or XM radio in your car that is not active, it is now! Just hit the button, dial channel 106, and hear me live 2-4P ET or on the replay every night 9-11P ET. Also if you don’t have a SiriusXM radio you can still listen for free online. Go to www.SiriusXM.com . Hope everyone gets a chance to sample Trunk Nation and join me to talk rock daily. Free to all now!

Speaking of my TrunkNation show on Volume I officially announced the next Trunk Top 20 today. After doing Kiss and Aerosmith to great response as promised Van Halen is next! My show revealing my Top 20 airs May 23rd. Then Thursday May 24th will be the reaction show from you guys with your lists. So make them now. All eras of VH eligible (Roth, Hagar, Cherone). Top 20 ranked 1 being the all time best. This should be a fun one. Get involved and hold those lists until we do the response show on 5/24, and listen to my list 5/23!

New podcast this Thursday features Bret Michaels and Alice In Chains.

Next appearance is Tulsa for Rocklahoma, then 5/30 in Tulsa for Stryper at IDL!

TrunkFest coming 7/1 9:30P/8:30C to AXS TV!

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  1. The Van Halen Top 20 should be fun. My Top 20 would be limited to solely the first four VH albums. I enjoy the harder edged music of the Roth era over the more radio friendly Hagar era music.

    Eddie gets to see Ghost at Rocklahoma! Right on, Eddie! Perhaps you can interview Tobias Forge? Tobias is really influenced by classic rock, I’m sure it would be a great interview! Tobias is smart and has good, strategic vision for Ghost. Ghost is like a modern day KI$$, with the stage shows, mystique, costuming, and hidden faces….

  2. 20-D.O.A-vhII
    19-judgment day- for unlawful
    18-can’t stop loving you-balance
    17-feel your love tonight- vh
    16- I’m the one-vh
    15- when it’s love- ou812
    14- don’t tell me- balance
    13- unchained- fair warning
    12- 5150-5150
    11- mine all mine- ou812
    10- humans being- twister soundtrack
    9- top of the world- for unlawful
    8- the dream is over- for unlawful
    7- dreams-5150
    6- love walks in-5150
    5- ain’t talking about love-vh
    4- somebody get me a doctor- vh II
    2- jump-1984
    1- not enough- balance
    If considered eligible 1- would be give to live- live right here right now.

  3. Top 20 Van Halen Songs from http://www.KeithLennProject.com *I am glad I was able to acknowledge the Gary Cherone era… Neworld/Without You is, to me, vintage VH… I was surprised how much DLR was in my list because I really like “Van Hagar” a lot…

    1. Little Guitars (Intro)/Little Guitars
    2. Dance The Night Away
    3. Hear About It Later
    4. 5150
    5. Humans Being
    6. I’m The One
    7. Feel Your Love Tonight
    8. Poundcake
    9. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
    10. Unchained
    11. Mean Street
    12. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
    13. Top Of The World
    14. And The Cradle Will Rock
    15. Dirty Movies
    16. D.O.A.
    17. Sinner’s Swing!
    18. Romeo Delight
    19. In A Simple Rhyme
    20. Neworld/Without You

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