Had a great hang with Ace Frehley tonight on the SiriusXM show. Ace was in great spirits and said all the Kiss drama would not take down his fun finally going into the HOF this Thursday. I’m sure the audio will be everywhere on Youtube and elsewhere soon if not already. It will also be on the SiriusXM On Demand app likely by tomorrow. A few highlights:


*His new album Space Invader will be released June 24th. He did record a cover of Steve Miller’s “The Joker” as one of the tracks. He will also assemble a new live band to tour behind it.


*He still wishes there would have been a performance for the HOF, wanted to play with another band, but HOF would not allow. Joked he might do a solo “NY Groove” during his speech. He has no plans of wearing a Kiss costume or makeup.


*The individual speeches have been cut from 3 minutes each to 2. He and Peter speak between Gene and Paul who start and finish in the speaking order. Said he likely would not use a teleprompter and just go for it.


*Said the recent anti semetic claim by Paul is absurd and noted his fiance is Jewish. Was aware of recent photos of Paul himself in Nazi regalia and said he can’t figure out what’s going on with Paul these days.


*Did not rule out jumping up and joining in the all star jam at the end of the night but wasn’t sure.


*Said he can’t speak on other members not being inducted into the HOF with Kiss since he has nothing to do with the decision and there are precedents for both scenarios.


Ace answered everything that was thrown at him including a ton of calls for the listeners. I will be sitting with him and Peter at their tables for the big night Thursday and will provide info as I it happens when I can via Twitter @EddieTrunk More soon no doubt. Appreciate him coming in. He really was in a great mood and committed to having a fun week in NYC and not letting all the sniping dim this event as you will hear in the audio.

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  • lorzav3 on

    *OFF TOPIC* Eddie any word on how *Kerry Livgren is doing and up too these days? I too am a huge *UFO Fan and like paul chapmans work with the band -how is he these days and his views on UFO? thanks enjoy your show

  • doug r. on

    hey eddie, I have a non-kiss question, any chance of getting pat benatar & neil Geraldo on TMS? in my opinion pat benatar was, is & always will be the best, greatest female rock singer of all time! ever! and crimes of passion is one of my favorite albums of all time. it was one of my favorite episodes of TMS when ann & nancy wilson were on the show, and I know it’s ultimately up to VH1C, but I’m sure there’s a lot of other people out there that would love to see pat benatar on TMS!

  • Peter C on

    No I am not Peter Criss.

    The birthday party Ed referred to was in 2002, not long after Ace left KISS again and Gene was being nice trying to get him to return for the Olympics, the Symphony and everything after that.

    • Dwayne Cole on

      I saw video of that birthday bash and I can’t find it on youtube anymore. Gene and Eric Singer crashed the party and Ace wasn’t happy about it.

    • Lindy on

      On youtube there’s a video but it’s only audio of that. I just listened to it today

  • Rockin' Ron Runyon on

    The greatest quote ever from Ace: “There’s a lot of things that Gene has done with the merchandising that are just over the top. He’s got everything from prophylactics to toilet paper—anything to make a buck. It’s embarrassing. That’s one of the reasons I left the group. Towards the end, I’d go out and see kids in the front row with KISS dolls and lunchboxes and my manager is going, “Hey, Ace—watch the cursing tonight. We’ve got kids in the front row.” I mean, we started out as this heavy, mean, nasty rock ‘n’ roll group wearing leather and it turned into a goddamn circus.”
    Nothing will ever take away the impact the original band has had on my life. I’ve been through ALOT of highs & lows being a KISS fan for 35 years. Regardless of all the drama lately, today is definitely a high! I hope everyone can take “the high road” because as a fan, I am VERY proud that my favorite band will FINALLY be in the Hall Of Fame tonight! Congrats to Ace, Peter, Gene, Paul & to everyone ever associated with The Greatest Band Ever! The Hall may have not wanted the best but, they got THE BEST!

  • richard on

    Hey eddie just got a chance to finally watch tms with peter criss,he sincerely seems to be upset with a lot surrounding the hof nonsense,anyway regarding the tms top 5 kiss songs,i agree its nearly impossible to pick the five songs of their career,howerver I really think that 2 songs that needed consideration was from the elder album,i know I am in the major majority by saying that the elder was a good kiss album,however a couple of songs rocked I would put up the song( I) and dark light,i also think the unmasked album was another underated album,the songs two sides of the coin and torpedo girl are two other of my fav songs,whats your opinion on these two underated albums in my opinion.keep up the good work in all you do

    • richard on

      I meant to say major miniority

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