Episode 11 of 12 new That Metal Show’s was taped last night in NYC. Thanks to guests Andy Biersack from BVB, Mark Slaughter and Taime Downe as well as guest guitarist Mike Orlando. Also last minute I was able to get KK Downing to join us via Skype from the UK! It was great to see and hear from KK. See it all this Saturday 9P ET with a replays at 11P on VH1C. We also had our wrap party for the TV show in NYC after the taping and I hosted Faster Pussycat in NYC at Midtown Live (cool new small room). Running non stop with zero slow downs coming! Tomorrow I head to MD to host M3 this weekend once again. I will do a brief signing at the Chuck Levins Washington Music Center Booth at some point Saturday. If you are going watch my twitter and I will announce when from the stage.

Just had a call with Wendy Dio and her team as we prepare for to celebrate the life of Ronnie on the 5th anniversary of his passing in L.A. The events will take place 5/15, 16 & 17 and are all open to the public and all raise funds for Dio Cancer Fund. Please go to www.diocancerfund.org and join us if you can as we remember RJD!

Don’t forget I’m in Crest Hill IL at Bada Brew May 9th with Michael Angelo Batio. All appearances on the home page.

All new podcast tomorrow with guests Joey Tempest of Europe (LOVE their new album) and Rick & Damon of Black Star Riders (LOVE their new album too!). Free via Itunes or www.podcastone.com

Joey Tempest is my guest on my FM syndicated show this weekend “Eddie Trunk Rocks”.

Live this Monday SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation 6-10P ET. Guests include Billy Sheehan, Jeff Scott Soto and Jay Buchanan from Rival Sons (great new band!).

Not sure if I will be able to update here again until Sunday or Monday so please follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk or my FB for more info and updates (I hate carrying my computer on the road and I’ll be on the road often!).

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  • Kenneth Stratemeyer on


    Looking forward to another great episode of TMS.

    Sadly, I think attendance may take a hit for the M3 this year. Due to the riots in Baltimore, Baltimore City residents are under a curfew from 10p – 5a until Monday May 4. This means if a Baltimore City resident is planning on going to M3, they’ll have to either leave early to be home before 10p, or find a place to stay in a surrounding county to avoid a possible arrest.

    It’s a bad time in Baltimore right now, and this festival could provide a nice distraction if folks are able to attend.

    Luckily, Merriweather Post is far enough away from the madness that there shouldn’t be any issues. Either way, I hope you and everybody there stays safe.

  • Brian Edelstein on

    Eddie, what did you think of the band that opened up for Faster Pussycat, Loveblast? They are a local Chicago band that I dig a lot.

  • D. Comiskey on

    Really interested in hearing the KK interview!!! Now, if I could only get him to sell me one of his Hamers…. 🙂

  • Frank Andersson on

    Just saw Europe play at Irving Plaza the other day, kicked ass!!
    They where the first rock concert I went to as a kid in Sweden so it was really cool to see them here in NYC performing classic stuff like Rock The Night and even some stuff from their very first album.
    where you there Eddie?
    Joey gave you a shout out from stage fyi

    John Norum would be a really great guest on TMS by the way with all the Europe stories and the stuff he did on his own with Dokken, Kelly Keeling and Glenn Hughes etc…

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