Had a great week of interviews this week with great variety as well. My guests this week on my daily Trunk Nation show on SiriusXM Volume 106 included Ice T, The Pretty Reckless and Styx. Great having them all in this week and thanks to all the callers. TrunkNation on Volume is really taking off and I appreciate all the support. Join me live M-F 2-4P ET, replay 9-11P ET on 106. Saturday and Sunday Best Of is 8-10P ET.

Headed to M3 tonight. Psyched to be back hosting this festival in MD. I’ll be doing my radio show from MD tomorrow, then hosting the show Fri & Sat. I will do my best to get out and see everyone when I can. Follow on Twitter for updates @EddieTrunk .

Hosted Y&T last night at BBs. SUCH a great band! Killer set. Always good to see the guys.

New podcast now up free at Itunes or www.PodcastOne.com with guest Bob Ezrin talking Kiss, Alice, Floyd and more.

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  1. I got my tix for Styx! Looking forward to seeing REO Speedwagon (again) and Don Felder (again) as well. 🙂
    July 18th I’m “(Takin’ A Ride)” to Tampa! 😉
    I never had any interest in the movie “HEAVY METAL,” but I love that soundtrack. Hagar’s original version of “Heavy Metal” and Don Felder’s own version of “Heavy Metal (Takin’ A Ride)” made that album! Ahh the summer of ’81! 🙂

  2. Eddie, I enjoy your podcasts and Sirius interviews every week. The interviews with Triumph and Bob Ezrin are two of the best I’ve heard. The Ezrin interview was extremely cool. I wish it had been longer. Bob really seemed to have a great time talking to you, especially when you told him he could curse.

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