Want to congratulate my parents Ray & Rose who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary today with the family. Their belief and support over the decades is a big reason I have been able to do what I do. Great day today with family and friends celebrating.


Last live show on SiriusXM tomorrow before leaving for LA for TMS on Tuesday. Will get a lot of music and calls in. So many guests lately we haven’t played much music or done one on one calls. Will get it all in between 6-10P ET on channel 39 (Hair Nation). Markey Ramone will also drop by for a bit.


The new Sabbath song has grown on me after a few listens. Look forward to hearing the full album but a cool and ballsy move to release a 9 minute first single.


Heard the VH & Aerosmith date was great in Australia over the weekend. My sources there tell me the vibes backstage were great with both bands and all were happy and healthy and really kicked ass. Let’s hope these two all time greats can maybe connect for some US dates! Had Joey Kramer on the radio show last week and he said they hoped that could indeed happen. Right now only one VH date in the US in WI.


I will be at M3 this year. Flying in direct from LA on 5/3. Congrats to all our ticket winners and see you there.


TMS tapings start this Saturday. If you won tickets to be in the audience see you in LA. About to kick off a super busy stretch. I’ll update here as much as I can but follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news, photos and more!


If you would like to advertise with us here on the site please contact erik@eslmusicgroup.com Great way to get the word out about your band or rock related products. Thanks for your support. More soon!

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  • Carl Bartlett on

    I was lucky enough to get tickets for TMS in a few weeks, you’ve let us know who’s going to be on the 8 shows, could you let us know who on which days? Thanks

  • MikeyMan on

    Would love to hear Battle Scar by Max Webster w/ Geddy Lee on Monday’s show.
    Congrats to Rush on induction to R&R HOF!

  • Todd on

    I had heard that Eddie VH and Joe Perry had a beef for years, but perhaps maturity, and a change in lifestyle on both of their parts made way for clearer heads to prevail. Sounds like a great double bill to me.

  • Ryan on

    Todd…..to my knowledge, Joe Perry has never paired up with Sammy Hagar, so he should be in the clear when it comes to EVH holding a grudge against him. EVH only has so much grudge to go around when it is so squarely focused on Sam and Mike.

    • Dave Smith on

      EVH is a toothless idiot. Read what Sammy says about him.

  • Metaldad on

    Ed had problems with Joe back in 78 or 79. Joe gave Ed a brush off when they met backstage. Screw Joe and his washed up band

    • Dave Smith on

      Lol, don’t be a ridiculous douche. Not good to argue about which geezer bands we love are washed up.

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