Just a quick update to let you guys know signed personalized copies of my debut book are still available directly from me. Just click on the banner on the home page for all the order details. I’ll write whatever you want and send it out ASAP. If you don’t want signed copies you can buy Eddie Trunk’s Essential Hard Rock & Heavy Metal anywhere books are sold as a physical book or as a digital version via itunes, etc. I am just about done with Volume 2 of the book which will come out in Sept and have the same format (playlists, photos, stories, etc) and feature all bands not in volume 1. Once we get closer to that release I’ll be hitting the road for signings and special events around that. My first book has done really well and I can’t thank you all enough for the support that has made this coming sequel possible. Psyched for it to come out and I’ll let you know more details and reveal the wide variety of bands included very soon.

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  • Rich Cudd on

    Vol1 was great and looking forward to Vol2. This is a little off topic, but have always wanted to thank you for the grace and class with which you handled the passing of a great friend of yours, Mr. Ronnie James Dio. I was shocked and greatly saddened to hear of the passing of what, in my opinion, may be the greatest singer in the history of hard rock and heavy metal – a true icon. I appreciate all of the tribute you paid to him through your various media outlets. Believe it or not, those things provided solace to his legions of fans, so thank you! I met him after a show here in OKC at Incahoots, and he was so professional and unbelievably gracious to his fans. He always took his art seriously and wanted to give the fans a great show. I’m just grateful that his songs were part of the incredible catalogue of music that I was rocking to during my ‘formative’ years (you and I are the same age, so you know what I mean!). He will be, and is, missed.

  • Ryan Spencer on

    Great News Eddie! Thoroughly enjoyed Vol 1. Can’t wait for Vol 2. and new TMS episodes.

  • Charles on

    Congrads on the 2nd book Eddie,I hope it dose well as Vol 1 did. I never get my request played on your
    Q104 FM show when you are there.It’s been that way for over a year. You need to have a new phone
    cleark to answer the phones for request. How the hell can the listeners of your FM show get our request
    played if you got guest in studio and by phone in guest?

  • Bill on

    Hey Eddie, can’t wait ’till your new book comes out – I always know who to go to for all the best in REAL hard rock and heavy metal!

  • Mike on

    How essential could it be if it was left out of the 1st one?

    • Eddie on

      Ever hear of space restrictions? I like more than 35 bands. Its a title, okay? wow..

    • Mike on

      Kinda like a b list for wedding invites. It was just a question. Wow is right.

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