Well now the news is official about Axl’s involvement in AC/DC, at least to fill in for these remaining shows. If you heard my podcast this is what Axl and I discussed at the Vegas show last weekend and he asked me not to speak about until it was officially out. Needless to say for Axl this is a moment for him to play with his heroes. He told me how excited he was to have the chance to do this and said he would do an interview with me about it if I didn’t say anything until official word comes out. So hopefully that is coming! You also no doubt know Angus jammed with GnR last night at Coachella to make it official. The clips on YouTube sounded cool and clearly vocally Axl can handle the gig. But there are way more questions than that. The release from AC/DC made it pretty clear they are done with Brian Johnson. What really happened with Brian is anyone’s guess. But nobody is buying the hearing thing that I know. My sources tell me Brian was slowing down and didn’t want to work as hard as Angus (who is younger) did. I also know that on the latest tour Brian only wanted to do 2-3 shows max a week. Something that is expensive for a band when off that much on the road (Aerosmith has to do this with Tyler). It comes with age and guys slowing. I suspect it reached a breaking point and that was that. I can not believe it was a sudden hearing issue. Maybe it played a small role, but no way is it the real story in full. I can’t believe after 36 years AC/DC would say goodbye to their singer and not find a work around. MANY have hearing issues and find a way to make it work in rock. And until Brian speaks, we will never know. Brian is a total class act. So very possible he takes the high road here. But it still blows me away how so many fans are not demanding a real answer on Brian and are so quick to move on.

But none of this has anything to do with Axl who will be a kid in a candy store! What a story for him. He has Guns back to mega stadium level, and is joining a band of heroes about to do stadiums in Europe! Hopefully his leg is mended so he can move some. Also note the remaining AC/DC dates all already fall in a window GnR was off. So this doesn’t impact them at all. AC/DC needed a massive name to keep people from returning these already sold tickets for the remaining dates. They certainly got that with Axl. But that doesn’t answer their long term issue of a singer IF they want to go on beyond this. I doubt Axl can do both gigs full time? If this is a victory lap for AC/DC then cool. Finish up and say goodbye. If they want to go for another 10 years, and that may have been they very issue with Brian, then they need a new younger singer they can build with. I also wouldn’t be shocked if Axl/DC leans a bit more on Bon era material since that really fits him slightly more. Will this work? Will they mesh personality wise? Axl will have to go on at a normal time. Does that work? I think Axl will do everything to kick ass in this gig. It is a major dream for him. He knows he’s having a fun fling here and that while Guns is very much his band, AC/DC is just filling in and doing something he never believed as a kid he would do. It will be another very interesting chapter to watch for sure!

I will take calls on this tomorrow on my SiriusXM show live 6-10P ET on channel 39. I will also have Bret Michaels on at 7P ET with an exclusive announcement on a major event in S CA, and Rudy from Scorpions on live at 8P ET. See you tomorrow for TRUNKNation.

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  • el loco on

    I fear Eddie’s take is close to the truth. Will we ge to know the truth? I do not think Brian himself will talk about this in a long time, the class act of a person that he is and that we love. I wish he will enjoy life and bear no grudge too long. Let the Young family move on if they really need to show the world their greed and disloyalty. So if this is the way they deal with their singer for 36 long and successful years who by now has become as much of the face and sound of AC/DC as Bon and Angus, even though this is one of my three all time favourite bands, I will boycott everything they will do from now on and hope other fans will do the same. Let them play halls instead of stadiums … The only thing I might buy now is a DVD of the last tour including Johnson. But then I guess they might have had plans to do that but will now do something else to establish the possible new singer after Axl’s stint. I hope people in Europe will give back their tickets but I fear they will be quieted by the fact it is Axl, another legendary musician, filling in. This would probably be their strategy to keep people in the stadiums. I guess people are just not as loyal as they used to be or they are more easily satisfied saying ok if I at least can get Angus … shame. I clearly would have never thought this band of all bands would do something so fishy and disrespectful.

    • Rockchick605 on

      I like many AC/DC fans were very dismayed this weekend about the band’s latest fiasco. I have been an AC/DC fan since I was 12 years old, the year when Brian was appointed as Bon’s replacement. I have bought just about every band DVD and CD’s for my personal music library. I have been saying all along on social media, I think there is more to it than just Brian’s hearing at play here. Brian’s departure has really confirmed what Jesse Fink’s has written in his book about how the Young family quickly discards people when they are no longer of use to them. Allegedly, it was reported online that Angus wanted to go on for another 5-10 years with another album and a tour and retire. Therefore, he wasn’t to thrilled that Brian can no longer keep up with the tour. For God’s sake he is 68 years old of course he won’t be like he was when he was 33 when he joined. I am hoping that Ticketmaster will still honor their refund policy because I am not feeling this Axl/DC thing at all. Nothing personal against Axl but his voice doesn’t seem to match AC/DC and his reputation precedes him. Axl is more suited to GNR. I am very disappointed but not surprised how Angus and his management handled Brian’s issues. I have lost some respect for Angus. He didn’t handle the Phil Rudd controversy very well either even though Rudd had brought it on to himself. If Malcome was still in able body and mind, I think he probably would not have tolerated Angus’ decision in hiring Axl. Should Angus decide to have a permanent replacement after Axl is done, I will no longer support Angus and Co. I will only listen to Bon and Brian’s catalogue. It was very hard form me to listen to my Rock n Bust CD in my commute to work this morning. Brian is one of the classiest men of Rock n Roll and I wouldn’t be surprised if he will not say anything about his situation. I bet the Young’s legal team had Brian to sign an affidavit on not saying anything about this . Brian thanks for all you have done. You will never be forgotten. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. God Speed Brian We Salute You!

    • Anthony Mayes on

      Good call

  • Doug R. on

    Everybody I know wants a real answer, and nobody I know is ready to move on. Brian has always taken the high road, and always will, and releasing a statement regarding his side of this story won’t change that. True AC/DC fans like myself absolutely want to know the whole truth, the real truth. You can’t, and you don’t just disregard a legend like Brian Johnson, who in a way, was kind of hand picked by Bon Scott himself. I can’t, and I won’t embrace AXL/DC until I hear Brian’s side of the story. Nothing at all against AXL, but first things first, let’s hear what Brian has to say.

    • Coredrum on

      No one I know is accepting this either Doug R. If Brian Johnson wanted to continue, and they said no, I’m done with ACDC…I don’t know if BJ is an official member, or hired gun, even after 36 years, so he may have to keep his mouth shut to keep collecting a paycheck. I want a statement from him, and did we ever find out if the Jim Bruer comments were true?? To know that BJ would’ve finished the tour pisses me off if true, because that means the show for Fort Lauderdale I had Tix to could’ve happened…

    • el loco on

      I guess he has always been a “hired gun” regarding contracts. Which would make it easy to let him go and find somebody new when Angus feels the time is right. I was also quite surprised to find out that Sambora had also always been a hired gun in Bon Jovi when, to me, he’d always been as important to the band as Jon himself. But it is a big big business and also egos get in the way …

    • Doug R. on

      I know how you feel Coredrum, I had tix for the last show at MSG! And I’d rather have a real explanation than a refund. This isn’t just any band we’re talking about, this is AC-FN-DC!!!

  • rickshaw1 on

    If Brian has been fired, shame on Angus. I’ve seen te boys 16 times and last one I travelled to Vegas from Vancouver to see them one final time. Amazing show. Brian rocked.
    Seeing Angus with GnR made me wonder though. Was that GnR or AC/DC with Slash filling in? maybe Chris, Stevie and Cliff were on vacation? Cuz really, isn’t that what we will see in May? Angus. With Axl and others?
    Guess Angus is AC/DC to the mainstream but for me, no BJ no AC/DC.
    Been a helluva ride though.
    I hope Brian speaks up but I doubt he will. He’s such a classy man. But this reeks and I don’t like it.

    • Rockchick605 on

      I saw on facebook photos that Stevie and CLiff were on a fishing trip together in Florida. Chris Slade was visiting an art museum in Miami. T

  • jeffrey heffernan on

    Commenti think the reason no one is going crazy for the true story about why brian is gone,is that at this stage of the game.most fans are our age 50s or better and have many other things in life that are important,i dont think most fans really care all that much at this stage,most are just happy to go see angus do his thing and here the songs,thats why they all get away with it these days,we all have real life issues to worry about,without worrying about some multi millionaire act changing players……

  • Stephanie Muue on

    Looking forward to it Eddie!

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