Unreal moments yesterday at the taping of two new That Metal Show’s. Kirk Hammett jammed with his hero Michael Schenker and in show two Ace Frehley and Mark Farner teamed up for a fun hang. Sorry to be brief but running to catch a flight. if you follow on Twitter, Instagram or FB you saw photos. The Schenker/Hammett show airs this Saturday. Ace/Farner 4/25. Thanks to guitarists Nita Strauss and Damon Johnson for playing in the shows.

I am not sure if/when I will be able to update here over the next week. I’m headed to the Florida. Hosting Y&T tomorrow in Largo (signing and selling my books pre show in the lobby), then on the MOR Cruise to host once again. On a cruise there is no connection so I will be disconnected from 4/18-22. But I will update and post to social media outlets when I can. Radio shows are all new just recorded this weekend and this Monday. Twitter is best for update when I can connect for the next week @EddieTrunk

TONS of stuff going on, please watch the home page of this site for more info as it comes in appearances.

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