Hope everyone had a good weekend all things considered. Here’s my radio/podcast schedule for this week:

All new shows daily 2-4P & 10-Mid ET / 11A-1P & 7-9P PT on TrunkNation on SiriusXM Volume 106 and on the now FREE to all SiriusXM app streaming or On Demand! Today Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon, Tues Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony, Wed the Top 5 guitar players list show, Thursday Gavin Rossdale of Bush, Friday Dr David Agus talking about the virus and impact on touring. Top 5 lists Thurs also and Friday around the Dr will be some mailbag free for all.

New podcast this Thursday with John 5 and Joey Belladonna. Free www.podcastone.com , Apple Podcasts, Spotify. Up now Chuck Billy & Tommy Skeoch

All new Eddie Trunk Rock syndicated FM show this weekend. Premiers as usual 11P-2A ET on Q104.3 NYC and streaming free with the iHeartRadio app. On all affiliates over the weekend usual day and time.

I have a special music / playlist hour coming to SiriusXM premiering this Wednesday. Songs from “bands that should have been huge”. This is an all new show and yes music is played in full in it. It airs 6-7P ET, 3-4P PT on 106 Volume and then will be On Demand on the app. Think you guys will love this!

Bummed to hear Rocklahoma is cancelled. Look forward to hosting it every year. Stay safe all and see you in 2021 in Pryor OK.

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  1. Saw a article on blanbermouth that say some health officials say concerts won’t be safe to attend till fall of 2021 that’s along time

    1. All I meant (was trying to say is) don’t let it bring you down, if it turns out to be the case. Fall 2021 is a long time away, and would definitely suck, but all we can do is Hold On… we’ll get through this, all we need is just a little Patience… or maybe, ALOT of patience! 😉

  2. Doug,

    That the problem, because most news media have their own agenda. Fox News was reporting the virus was not as lethal as flu. everyone on every level dropped the ball.

    Infectious diseases get very little funding because they don’t make money. There was a slot of drugs for corona viruses and anti viral meds, that could have been funded, but were not. Now, the billionaires are crying they want people back to work. Now, since I work in the pharmaceutical business, it takes 5 years of safety testing before a drug can go to human trials. With vaccines, it be at least, until Spring of next year, the earliest, that we may get a vaccine, if it can be developed. So, considering how fast it spreads, it will be awhile before it can be safe for people to congregate in large sporting, or music venues.

    1. I agree, Charles, see my post from 6:32 pm. Hang in there, buddy, that’s really all we can do right now.

    2. Charles,

      Firstly, I want to thank you for being an essential worker, and putting your life on the line, for the safety of others. So, I applaud, and commended, you.

      Also, I don’t want to start a whole furor, but I will say, I blame the WHO, and CDC, who did not encourage the public to wear masks much sooner. I really believe that had the public begun wearing face coverings, many weeks earlier, we could have culled the spread, and there would have been fewer hospitalizations and deaths. Thankfully, I did not listen and had been covering my face from the getgo, even before the quarantine, it’s common sense folks. If doctors and nurses need them, so do we…The more you know.

      D 🙂

  3. Thanks Dana for those words I do it to continue the work, and to continue to support my wife (who’s another essential worker ), twins and my father-in-law. I’m just happy I have a job.

    Thanks Doug I try not to be political, sorry guys. The weirdest thing is going into work doesn’t scare me, It’s having go food shopping, I get anxious and alotta reflux just going. It scares me, but I’m the essential food shopper in my house, and I cannot say if my place is working on anything for this dreadful virus, but all I can say it’s being done in many places.

    1. No worries, Charles, no apologies neccessary. We’re all in the same boat, even with all our differences, we all live in the “Yellow Submarine!” 😉 LOL!!! Hope that made you laugh a little. 🙂

      I share your fear regarding the food shopping, as I am also the main food shopper, all we can do is wear our gloves, masks, and keep our distance as much as we can. God bless you and your family, Charles, cheers!

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