Headed to KC in a couple hours. Never been to Kansas City MO before and it should be a fun but very short visit. I’ll be hosting UFO tomorrow night at Voodoo Lounge at Harrah’s casino. The band isn’t doing the E coast this run so I had to get on the road to catch them. Doors are at 7, which is the same time my meet & greet will be if you purchased that package (this is how the casino choose to do this). UFO I assume hits around 8 or 9P. Signed copies of both of my books and T-shirts available at merch if you are making the show. See you if going!

AC/DC are offering the option of a refund for their postponed dates which is totally the right thing to do. I am not surprised. They have always been fair straight shooters with their fans. Now let’s see what the next moves are. It will be very interesting to see how this is handled and what direction is goes. More of a Farewell vibe? Or yet another re launch of AC/DC 3.0 with a new singer again.. ?

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  1. I agree with James K – if the band isn’t going to keep Brian Johnson, then they should simply ‘retire’ while their completely ahead & keep their dignity intact. Not only is this completely disrespectful to Brian Johnson, but I’m so sick & tired of seeing SO many of these (once) great bands doing ‘whatever it takes’ to go on forever and completely run everything into the ground, while at the same time completely disrespecting certain members and destroying SO MUCH of what the bands spent their careers building upon. It’s ridiculous and simply worthless. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with going out ‘on top’ with dignity. I mean, it’s a pretty small ‘club’ at this point – but the few bands that have done so, have earned the most respect and most importantly ‘leave us with great memories and timeless albums to listen to’ – instead of constant ridiculing, arguing about nonsense that nobody cares about, and in the end – turns into a complete joke instead. Brian Johnson doesn’t deserve that, and neither does AC/DC (I can only ‘hope’ they don’t go down that road like SO many ‘other’ bands have & still do every year.) Simply put: if Brian can’t be a part of the band any longer, then show HIM the respect he deserves and the fans as well – simply retire & ‘go out on top’ – just like they did when they came on the scene back in the day………… ‘on top’.

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