Just home from NYC and the taping of the latest TMS episode. Mick Mars did the entire hour and was great. Kurdt from Metal Church joins us on set for a Top 5 of Motley songs, and Tom Keifer played some great bluesy licks as our guest musician. Another good one for the current TMS season. See it premiere this Saturday night 11/10C on VH1C.

Also huge thanks to Eddie Van Halen who gave us an EVH rig for the set! Eddie has yet to appear on the show but honored just to know he watches and that he gave us some great gear for our players. OF COURSE our door is wide open to him if/when he wants to join us for TMS! Truly hope one day he does. Our throwdown was Too Fast vs Shout. Great audience tonight as well. Tons of energy. Very cool of Mick and Tom to also stick around and meet & greet with us with the fans after. Kurdt couldn’t because he had a gig in Brooklyn tonight.  Also many asking to hear audio of my two hour interview with Mick on SiriusXM show last night. It should be on the SiriusXM app soon and hopefully online soon as well. Thanks.

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  • Taskerofpuppets on

    Sounds like a great episode. Stooked to hear about EVH donation, can’t wait to hear it. \M/

  • Jim on

    Love the new weekly format, keep it up.

    • Eddie on

      That would be up to VH1C but thanks

    • Mark Temple on

      You should take your show to HDNet (er, sorry AXS TV). Let VH1C keep the rights to the name and re-name it THE Metal Show (because, really, you have the ONLY one) — you guys would be great in HD! It’s time!

    • Eddie on

      The channel is not in nearly the amount of homes as VH1C and not international like VH1. I’m all for bigger and better opportunities but sometimes the grass is not always greener. And the show IS shot in HD. Up to VH1 when they upgrade Classic as a channel. In HD online and in other other countries

    • Mark Temple on

      Well, I’m watching either way — even if it is fuzzy like your brain on Stump the Trunk sometimes 😉

    • Lynn on

      I’ve seen TMS repeats a couple (not many) times on Palladia in HD within the last two months. Hope it continues – love the show!

  • Carlos on

    Man everything sounds so good! Mick Mars, Tom Keifer, Metal Church back again, and Eddie Van Halen watching TMS and actually giving the show and set one of his rigs. Best show on television and online!

    • Scott on

      Amen….Eddie is in the zone!!

  • Mark fenech on

    The mick talk was awesome! It’s a very comfortable place in front of the satellite radio on Monday evenings.. The industry needs the space you bring. It’s very enlightening to hear rock music in a proper format. The Hollywood records of the industry just don’t have a clue… Send them to the clueless ward of fame!!! Thanks for being you.

  • luke on

    Sounds like a cool episode. Can’t wait to see it.

    Everyone should visit the Ask Eddie section of evhgear.com and ask him to please do that Metal show lol.

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