Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the new TMS. We are bringing more variety than ever on the show this season and it’s been lots of fun. Had old school 80’s hard rock with Frank Hannon who really pulled out all the stops including a theramin! Then new school hard rock with Taylor Momsen who is a huge emerging young artist with her band The Pretty Reckless. Then Mark Tremonti who has made two albums now under his own name that are amazing and heavy as hell (unreal drumming too from Garret Whitlock). Was also please to find a few minutes to remember AJ with the TS guys. The show was already fully booked so we didn’t have much time, but at least we were able to do something. Show repeats all week on VH1 Classic and online at www.thatmetalshow.vh1.com Check the many outakes and extras online too!

We tape this weekends episode tomorrow in NYC. Another jam packed show loaded with variety! Chris Jericho is back, and for the first time Max Cavalera and Billy Corgan are guests as well. No idea what will happen in this one, should be a free for all. Rich Ward plays guitar for the first time. So many have asked for new and classic artists and a wide variety on TMS and I am pleased to see so many into us mixing it up like this.

Fighting a virus but will be in live tonight 6-10P ET on SiriusXM 39 TRUNKNation. Wendy Dio and Joey Tempest of Europe (great new album) among the guests.

Don’t forget I am at BB Kings NYC with Don & Jim and Van Halen tribute Unchained this Wednesday night! Join us for comedy, Q&A and more. We start 8P sharp, tickets and VIP tickets at the door. I am solo at Crossroads in Garwood NJ 4/10 with Randy from Zebra and Edgar Cayce!

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  1. Eddie, I couldn’t wait for you to post a new Trunk Report so I could share with you and everyone reading this how moved I was when Frank Hannon played Amazing Grace in memory of A.J. Pero. Here’s a guy who’s there to entertain with his talk box and weird antenna thing, and he creates a beautiful moment for everyone — not just the guys in Twister Sister and their fans, but everyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one and thinks about their own lost loved ones in a moment like that. For me, it was my brother, who has been gone since 1998, and who coincidentally was the one who got me into Tesla when we were young. R.I.P. Todd. It was like Frank Hannon played that for me. If others out there share my sentiment, let’s fill up this comment section and make sure that Eddie lets Frank know how much the fans love what he did.

    I also want to say how cool I think it was that Frank wore a Steve Clark tribute t-shirt last time he played guitar on TMS. My brother and Steve Clark — two guys who have had huge impacts on me, in different ways.

  2. Eddie,
    Just caught the end of your interview with randy Jackson on your hair nation show, did you guys discuss his band China rain? If not, what did you think of that band/ their cd? I picked it up on Amazon, thought it was pretty good

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