The latest RUMORS about Axl Rose joining AC/DC are everywhere. With GnR and AC/DC you have two bands that are notoriously tight lipped about anything, so that leads to it really not taking much at all for these things to pick up steam. As I have often said the current “media” today is truly insane. One person can say anything without crediting one real source and the social media world makes it fact. The last thing I read about this was.. “a source out of Atlanta said..”. WHAT? Okay so how about this; “a source out of NJ says Eddie Trunk is the new singer in Led Zeppelin”. Anything wrong with that? I mean that literally has as much of a real source attached as these current Axl to AC/DC rumors. It’s unreal and driven by the fact that we have the perfect union of two bands that don’t talk for the most part, and have the most incredibly rabid fan bases. It is the perfect gossip online storm!

Now I am NOT saying I know ANYTHING about this one way or the other. It could be true! But the way it is being treated as anything more than a rumor by credible outlets is stunning, especially when there is not ONE real official source yet anywhere. Could Axl do it? Sure. But to me it would be a strange move on the cusp of a massive commitment and relaunch of Guns. I would think every bit of focus to make that as good as it can be would have to be there? I got one for you. How about AC/DC and Guns co-headline stadiums and Axl sings both sets? Insane right? But that’s how easy it is to start a rumor and have it get traction these days. And before we forget Brian Johnson, does anyone really care about what his story is and what really happened?? I do! I mean the guy put in 36 years! But on all fronts I will wait for REAL info from REAL CREDITED OFFICIAL sources. Until then I need to practice for my new gig fronting Zeppelin…

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  • Mark Godwin on

    I saw this “rumor” on Facebook’s trending section earlier today, but came straight to eddietrunk.com to see what kind of credibility this rumor has. I agree with you Eddie, how can this be talked about with “rumors” of GNR reuniting? I don’t see it happening personally, but hey, Van Halen has done weirder things. And Rock n Roll is Rock n Roll. On another note, I think Axl Rose could pull it off perfectly with his voice, but then again, I haven’t heard him lately to know if his voice is the same. I think it would be interesting to hear Axl Rose pull it off. But I think I would rather see a GNR reunion.

  • mike molini on

    I would be more ready to believe that Marc Storace of Krokus would do the last AC/DC dates than Axl.
    Any thoughts on that? Or is that just as much of at least what SEEMS to be a rumor at this point? Funny, but I can still remember first time I heard Krokus’ “Back Seat Rock ‘n’ Roll” I actually thought it WAS new AC/DC as the timing lined up between Bon’s passing and Brian getting the gig. Thought I also once heard Storace auditioned for them but the band thought he sounded TOO much like Bon, so they passed out of respect to Bon’s legacy. Any of the above true? I figure if anyone knows, you do. But I also recognize you may be tired of all this by now.

  • The Sentinel on

    Can’t wait to see Eddie sporting the bell bottoms and open buttoned shirt!

    • elliot goldberg on

      I can wait.

  • Julius Leroy on

    can’t wait for the new album…Back In The Jungle

  • Charles Clinchot on

    The Internet just insane here’s another this just in from NJ Don Jamenson and Jim Flourentine to repalace Gene Simmons and Pual Stanley in Kiss

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