Amazing response to last nights premiere of the Peter Criss episode of That Metal Show. I was live tweeting last night with many while it was on. The end was real emotional it seemed not only for Peter but also for many fans. Peter is a guy that wears his emotions on his sleeve, and I always respected him for that. He always just lays it out there as he feels and that is so rare in today’s world. I love giving people that you don’t usually hear from on TV and radio a voice and platform. It is so great to get differing views and stories. Mick Mars this season also comes to mind as falling in this category and also had tremendous response. The episode with Peter ran very long, so due to time constraints of TV we cut some things, but they are now available online. Links in the News section of this site. The episode replays all week on VH1 Classic and online as well. Just check your grids for days and times. Look forward to seeing all your comments to the episode here. Many have posted here and on Twitter already. Thanks to Peter and also drummer Richard Christy for doing a great job in our latest episode. Was a great one!

PS: Be sure to watch all the way through the credits. There is a shot of me and Peter when we first met from around ’82 at the very end of the show. Great memories!

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  • Dennis Perusse on

    Something more profound should have been done. I would have loved to see Tommy and Eric go up in the other makeup honoring the Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent part of the past and do one number from that era. At the end of the day it’s just clown makeup and it’s so hard to believe that a band has to rely on that in order to have either album sales or concert promotion. I find it hard to believe that all of us who have put the time in as fans and we can’t get one song out of them? I realize that like most families anger over old memories as well as money gets in the way but some accommodation should have been done. 🙁

    • Chris on

      Dennis, I love that idea about Singer and Thayer wearing Carr and Vincent’s makeup (Since Vincent appears to be pretty reclusive and unlikely to attend even if invited), and Kulick could be up there without makeup….

  • Jason Kentros on

    Now I see what you’re saying and that makes sense. I think I was taking what the HOF president said too literally, like all KISS needed was that short original era for induction. Considering the very short overall careers of some bands like Nirvana, it just goes to show how inconsistent the HOF really can be.

  • Kissnut91 Oracle09 on

    Does anyone really wanna see a 68 yr lame ass drummer trying to play with The REALL KISS


    • Chris J Saari on

      There isn’t anything on Sonic Boom or Monster that Buddy Rich couldn’t play with One hand and One Foot! As for Peter Criss versus the Eric Carr and Eric Singer; They all had very Different Styles of playing. I’ve watched Singer do Criss Songs and he doesn’t play them like Peter did, because Eric is a Rock Drummer and Peter is a R&B, Swing style Drummer. Two Very Different Styles!

    • Pat Francis on

      True and KISS was never an R&B, Swing band so Peter sucks with KISS.

  • Kissnut91 Oracle09 on

    Oh i got it let him play with duran duran heck everything is pre recorded

  • Kissnut91 Oracle09 on

    There r only 2 kiss drummers and they both have the name ERIC

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