Thanks to all who watched this weeks new That Metal Show last night. The show will repeat all week as usual on VH1 Classic. Dee is always a great guest. Always outspoken and never one to pull punches, which makes for great guests always in my opinion, regardless if you agree or disagree. At 59 he remains an incredibly strong singer and frontman and TS is an example of a band that has benefited greatly from not over touring. Ever since they first reunited for my NY Steel 9/11 benefit in 2001 they have only played an average of 10 shows a year, making it more special to see them, making them more money per show, and giving them higher billing than a band of their status would usually have on a festival. Interesting look at another approach compared to the many bands that tour constantly and also have members with many side bands. I am not judging either way, everyone needs to pay the bills, just interesting approach. Was also great to have Chris Caffery on. I am often asked about Savatage by radio listeners. The simple truth is TSO is way too big for the guys to focus on Savatage these days. But they do give a nod to that band often in the TSO shows. Chris played his Ace Frehley model Les Paul (Ace’s face on the head) and sounded great. Also nice to have Glenn Hughes check in. Stunning how great Glenn still sounds now in his mid 60’s! His new band California Breed and their debut album is an early contender for album of 2014 for me. It’s out in May.


This Tuesday we tape this Saturday’s new episode. Peter Criss will join us on set! Peter has not been on with us since the very early half hour days of TMS. Needless to say much to cover with him and we will do the full hour with the Catman. Ace Frehley may or may not join us for this show via Skype. Ace is in the middle of deadlines to finish his new album on the W Coast and likely won’t be able to get to NYC for our taping. But we hope to include him via Skype if our schedules match up. Either way should be a great show and our guest musician on drums with be Richard Christy. Most know Richard from the Howard Stern show but he is also a killer drummer who has played in several bands. 3 more new shows to come in our current new season of TMS. Final two episodes will feature Joe Satriani, Vinnie Paul, The Winery Dogs, Volbeat, Artie Lange and Jim Breuer. This has been our most diverse guest season yet and thank you all for the amazing response! Once we tape our last two shows 3/25 I’ll be hitting the road extensively, so please see the home page with my appearances and events and come say hello. More to be added!


The Kiss/Def Leppard tour officially announced tomorrow. Looks like Soundgarden & NIN are also teaming up. As discussed in the last Trunk Report bands co-headlining is becoming a huge trend more than ever to compete for the concert dollar and justify what are becoming very expensive events even beyond the cost of the tickets. It is far and few now of rock bands that can actually truly headline shows in the US with no name support playing large venues. Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, U2, Stones, McCartney, VH, Rush, AC/DC ones that come to mind. I get the co-headline is needed for business, but it does hurt in that young bands no longer have these chances for exposure. I know some bills put an unknown on 3rd billed, but the truth is these acts sometimes go on before 7P and off by 7:30 and few actually are in to see them. SO much great new music out there these days and it’s just another reason it is getting harder to expose.


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  1. I am going to get slammed for this because I love Dee Snider, but I thought this episode was poor. I am sick of Don Jamieson’s constant “Dick jokes.” If it is a part of his comedy act that is one thing, but for that to be heard on a regular cable/satellite network is classless. Some of us have children who love hard rock and metal and we are trying to educate them on the music. The channel was immediately changed after I heard that filth because I don’t want my kids exposed to that. I recall a few years ago when you had Doro Pesch on the show (love to see her on again) and Jamieson made another crack about his anatomy, she had this expression on her face for a moment that said it all. You could tell she was offended but because it was a rare opportunity for her to get some well-deserved U.S. coverage, she didn’t say anything. I remember at the time thinking how classless it was. I am not trying to be a stick in the mud and I like and respect you Mr.Trunk, but your cohosts have a little growing up to do (and yes I am a fan of both of them).

    1. These apparent ribald jokes were all censored out, at least on the West Coast, leaving long periods of no audio. Checked out Mount Salem on Jim’s recommendation, and must say, while I am interested in any Sabbath-influenced knock offs, the band has some evolving to do. The power trio has the Sabs sound down–right down to the S-G-toned guitar, but the female lead singer, while undeniably hot, is just a bit too generic and repetitive with her vocals. I don’t have a problem with high-pitched, clean vocals, but I suggest that this sexy witch rough things up from time to time, and channel the master of occult-influenced dual-toned vocals, King Diamond.

      A Ghost/Mount Salem show would be a clean-singing fest, and could work.

    2. Actually, I think Jim is the dick-joke-guy … right? But I agree with Brad … you could hear the show screech to a halt. There should be plenty of other stuff to talk about, don’t you think? Still wondering why he was staring at the crotch of Cinderella’s bass player … Jim? starting to see a pattern dude.

    3. One suggestion would be to DVR the TMS episode and watch it in advance before showing your children. I have a 9 and 7 year-old and it just makes life easier if you have any questions about content of any show. But I would respectfully say that young children are not the demo for this type of show…

  2. Im glad Peter Criss is going to be on that metal show, he never went Hollywood, he never lost that NYC attitude and since this HOF nonsense has gotten so out of control it will be great to hear someone respond other than in a press release. For all the idiots that want to write off the original era of the band the music from those albums still to this day are the lions share of the current KISS setlist, still he basis of the bands look and show and it was the chemistry of those four guys that made Kiss what it is today end of argument. if Paul and Gene stopped wearing the makeup after Ace and peter left the second time maybe you could give more credibility to the entire catalogue, then again if that were the case I doubt there would still be a kiss

  3. Love TMS for several reasons, but among them is discovering great guitar talent from some of the guest players. John 5 and now Chris Caffery are two perfect examples. I only knew of John through Manson, and MM’s stuff never really interested me that much. John’s versatility and virtuosity were completely and justly brought to light on TMS, and I now have a few of his CDs and DVDs. Chris was another real find. Never was into Savatage, but thought TMO was a pretty brilliant concept. Now, to hear him play for the second time – he just blows me away.

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