In the middle of a super busy run of travel, working on new TMS shows, and of course the two radio shows. This Friday on Q104.3 show will be an all new interview with Geddy & Alex of Rush! I recorded it a week and a half ago and we talk about the new album, tour, old albums, baseball, and the bands future. Don’t miss this all new exclusive interview this Friday. Show starts at 11PM ET. You can listen in the NYC area over 104.3 FM or anywhere in the US via the free stream at www.q1043.com or with the free iheartradio app. If using the app hit Q104.3/NY/Classic Rock. Please note I have no control on streams being available outside the USA. The show this Monday on SiriusXM is recorded. Back live there 3/25. Also I have video of the entire Rush interview. That will be posted first for AA Members of the site, then a week later for all here after the audio runs on all radio outlets. Look for that around 3/25 for members, the next week free to all.


Thanks to our sponsors on this site. If you’d like to buy an ad please hit up Erik through contact us on this site. More cool stuff to come to the all new eddietrunk.com!


New season of TMS being scheduled now. We will have a new look to the set, new features and a mix of new and returning guests. Once the guest list is set I will announce it. Same with when audience tix are released and available. I appreciate all the guest requests but once again the show is booked based off of who the NETWORK approves, and who is available and wants to do the show in the windows we tape. As usual rock and metal artists will be represented and we will me mixing in new bands with the classics ones as well. All details TBA but the new shows will start airing early June. In the meantime enjoy the many repeats of nearly 100 episodes now running on VH1C.


Very sad to hear of the passing of original Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr. CLive was ill for a long time battling MS. Credit the Maiden camp for always trying to help him and doing benefits for him through his struggles. I saw Maiden with Clive twice. First time I saw Maiden was opening for Priest in NJ at Convention Hall in Asbury Pk on the Killers tour. Then I saw them headline at The Palladium in NYC on the Beast tour. Clive’s role in the early days of Maiden can not be understated. Great player and fun to watch too. Killers and Beast are two of my top 5 Maiden albums, so he will always live on with us through this brilliant music. Condolences to his fans, friends and family. I’ll do a musical remembrance when back on the radio live since this weeks shows are pre recorded. RIP Clive Burr.


Off to Florida tomorrow. Honored to be special guest host once again for the second annual Monsters Of Rock Cruise. This year it’s 4 nights of Mayhem with a TON of bands! It’s also sold out. So hope you have your tix and yes I have my Passport this year (forgot it last year)! Look forward to hanging with all. The cruise runs from Saturday till Wed 3/20. Since there is no cell or internet service i’ll update you when I can and have signal.


I will once again be hosting M3 in Maryland and Rocklahoma in Pryor OK. Hope to see you at those shows too. More info soon. Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for up to the second news. More here when I return from the high seas!

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  • pat reeves on

    monsters of rock cruise can’t wait hope to see you eddie what a vacation!!!!! saw michael schenker with scorpions in 1979 in germany army brat front row they were in between lead guitarist so call on a relative!!

  • Sue on

    Love that metal show but frankly the last few seasons when you started adding the newer bands, my interest waned. The VH1-Classic auidence is an older auidence so the newer bands hold little appeal for most of us and there are plenty of venues to hear those bands. We like seeing some of the older bands who don’t get much press anymore. Once again I love the show but just a few constructive criticism comments. The TMS Top 5 list hasn’t ever worked that well because it usually comes down to a popularity contest and the same bands keep getting mentioned. Also, the instrumentalists going to break don’t really add that much easier. It would be better just to have a guest come on and play one song for a few minutes.

    • Eddie on

      Songs cost money we don’t have, we have said that from day 1. MANY things I would like to do, I work for VH1! As for new bands we are trying to create a balance. People scream for new stuff, people scream for classic. Can NOT please everyone. It will be a balance going forward

  • RJ Highstreet on

    I discovered the interview that you had with Alex & Geddy, an posted it to Cygnusx1.net 2 daus ago, to give heads up. no one knew about it, in my circle of 1000’s. I had a hunch you may interview them, after i saw you with Sammy Hagar, then i just searched, because i remembered your interview with alex in december, of 2012, then put 2 an 2 together, being it was coming up on hall of fame appearance, then tour, so it made sense to me that you would get em in for a talk. cool interview:) Sincerely RJ Highstreet. hope to meet ya some day.

  • Cowcrusher on

    Loved the Rush interview with Geddy and Alex. It was great to get “Coach” Geddy’s

    • Cowcrusher on

      Input on the Mets.. Dang iPad screwed up my first posting…anyway, I hope to catch UFO somewhere in the near future. Keep up the the good work.

  • CC on

    Thanks for the great interview with Geddy and Alex. Any chance of Geddy performing the Canadian National Anthem at the 2013 All-Star Game at “New Shea Stadium” (Citifield) in Queens? Who better to do such an honor? I mean, who in their right mind would want Justin Beiber there?
    Keep up the good work.

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