Sorry for the lack of updates here. If you’ve been following on Twitter you know I was in Vegas the last week for my first ever appearance at a R&R Fantasy Camp. More details on this soon but it was great to meet the campers and hang with so many friends and musicians working with them. Had a blast as always with the great Sammy Hagar at his Cabo Wabo there. He could not have been cooler with the campers at the camp and he sang a song with all of them. It was stunning watching a guy now 65 sing EVERY song, Montrose, VH, etc, NOTE PERFECT! There is simply nobody at his age that can sing like that STILL and has lost nothing. Everybody was just in disbelief that hasn’t seen him in a while. Total freak in a good way!

Much more to report from Vegas. I’ll post more tomorrow before leaving for Florida Thursday to host the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. Hope to see you on board if you are going. Have to run now. Judging round 3 of Hard Rock Rising battle of the bands and about to shoot a segment for an upcoming Deep Purple Behind the Music.

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