Episode 4 of the new season of That Metal Show is a wrap. The show we shot yesterday featured 3 first time guests all from different backgrounds of music. We are always trying different things when we can at TMS and honestly I had no idea how this one would go but happy to say it was great! Marky Ramone, Gary Holt and Darrell McDaniels all came out together at the same time. None of them really knew each other well but it made for great TV and stories. For those questioning the “metal cred” of Marky Ramone he was in a very early metal band called Dust, not to mention that Motorhead did a song called “Ramones” they love his band so much! We are a rock and metal show and Marky and the Ramones are rock icons plain and simple. As for DMC aside from the groundbreaking pairing with Aerosmith he is also a huge rock fan. And Darrell has two rock projects coming out, one with former Exodus singer Rob Dukes and his band Generation Kill that is all out metal! Watch the show and you will get it before judging. It really was a blast. If all that wasn’t enough we also had David Coverdale join us via Skype and new Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra as our guest player. Man some serious variety in this one! Hope you like it, see it this Saturday 9P ET on VH1 Classic with a replay at 11P.

My new podcast tomorrow is my much talked about recent interview with Steven Adler talking GnR reunion and more. I recorded this interview and premiered it on my radio show and will now offer it on my podcast due to popular demand. There is also added podcast exclusive content as well. Grab it free worldwide starting tomorrow on Itunes or www.podcastone.com And don’t forget to vote daily for my podcast in the annual podcast awards at www.podcastawards.com ! Thanks!

I am in Battle Creek MI this Friday at The Music Factory! Come on out if in the area. All appearances on the home page.

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  1. I have noticed that DMC has been all over the place generation kill he is also doing a solo effort with a lot of guest rock stars he a huge comic fan and saw him on Kevin Smiths reality show comic book men

  2. Vote for Eddie! Vote for Eddie! Vote for Eddie!
    I just did. Huge fan of tms and ur podcast.can’t listen to other show ( live in ok).
    Any way cheers to u.download all podcasts.all great!
    Steven alder is crazy!
    Vote for Eddie! Vote for Eddie! Vote for Eddie!

  3. Right on, Marky Ramone! Nobody drums like him. I remember standing sidestage in ’96 at a show on their farewell tour, and Marky’s hand was a blur for 90 minutes lol. Marky was also in Misfits for awhile. And that band influenced Metallica, for starters. Just for the heck of it I am going to list some artists I’d love to see on TMS some day: Sylvain or David Jo fro The Dolls, Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks, Cronos from Venom, Johnny Rotten (he’d never do it, but he’d be one of the best interviews you’d ever have), Any original surviving member of Sweet, Noddy Holder from Slade!

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