Fun time today on my Volume show doing my Kiss Top 20. If you missed it it’s now On Demand on the SiriusXM app. Tomorrow we will discuss and debate it with you and also have Kiss Top 20 lists from Tom Morello, Corey Taylor, Chris Jericho, Sebastian Bach and more! Listen live 2-4P ET on SiriusXM 106. If you missed my Top 20 here it is. And it was TOUGH to limit to 20! Feel free to post your lists here as well:

1: Detroit Rock City

2: Deuce (live )

3: Strutter

4: Love Gun

5: Black Diamond (Live)

6: King Of The Nightime World

7: Mr Speed

8: Got To Choose

9: Flaming Youth

10: Rock Bottom (live)

11: Cmon & Love Me

12: Creatures Of The Night

13: 100,000 Years

14: Magic Touch

15: I Want You

16: Strange Ways

17: Rocket Ride

18: Larger Than Life

19: A Million To One

20: Love Her All I Can

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  1. Wow, so difficult to just list 20! In no particular order, here are mine, and thank you for the opportunity to have fun with this! ;

    1. Shout it out loud
    2. King of the night time world
    3. Ladies Room
    4. Love her all I can
    5. I stole your love
    6. Plaster Caster
    7. Deuce (live ’75)
    8. Black Diamond (live ’75)
    9. Parasite
    10.Mr. Speed
    11.Creatures of the night
    12.Detroit Rock City
    13.Let me go, rock and roll
    14.Rock and roll all nite
    15.Rocket Ride
    16.Nothin’ To lose
    17.Take me
    18.Makin’ Love
    19.100,000 years (live ’75…Peter’s solo is epic)
    20.Do you love me

    Honorable solo album mentions:

    1. Move On
    2.Always Near You (Nowhere to hide)
    3.Hooked on rock and roll
    4.I’m in need of love

  2. Here is my Top 20 Best KISS songs:
    1. Take Me
    2. Got To Choose
    3. Calling Dr. Love
    4. Deuce
    5. Cold Gin
    6. King of the Night Time World
    7. Shock Me
    8. Love ‘Em Leave ‘Em
    9. Black Diamond
    10. Domino
    11. Rock and Roll Hell
    12. Hell or Hallelujah
    13. Forever
    14. Modern Day Delilah
    15. Fits Like a Glove
    16. 100,000 Years
    17. Love Gun
    18. War Machine
    19. Getaway
    20. Parasite

    I’m sure I’ve forgot some. I liked a lot of the 80’s albums, but not songs that they played a lot during the tours or afterword. And I left off some of my favorite songs from the solo albums. Just my two cents!

  3. It’s been fun seeing everybody’s KI$$ Lists and glad to see the high number of posts. While often KI$$ has, and continues, to create a lot of polarizing issues, the activity on this site indicates to me that we are all passionate fans of the band. We may not all like the current tribute version of the band, we may not all like that their live albums are not really “live”, we may not all care that they had “ghost” musicians, etc…but that is our emotions as fans and the passion we have for KI$$, and a reminder of how special this band was/is to each of us.

    Speaking for myself, no band has ever topped the passion I had for the 70s era of KI$$. That era of the band was, and still is, special to me.

    It’s too hard for me to pick Top 20 KI$$ songs, so I’ll just wus out and pick all the songs on the entire Alive album (except Nothing To Lose)…yeah, I know not 20 songs, but I wussed out, remember? :o)

  4. My favorite KISS song rankings…
    1. War Machine
    2. King Of The Night Time World
    3. I Love It Loud
    4. Love Her All I Can
    5. Not For The Innocent
    6. Makin’ Love
    7. Strutter
    8. Creatures Of The Night
    9. Parasite
    10. Dance All Over Your Face
    11. Tears Are Falling
    12. Hotter Than Hell
    13. C’mon and Love Me
    14. Rock Bottom
    15. Rocket Ride
    16. Room Service
    17. Ladies Room
    18. See You In Your Dreams
    19. Rock In Roll Hell
    20. I Stole Your Love


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