Bummed to hear about the end of WAAF/Boston. Sucks to see these legendary rock stations go off air. I was proud to have them as an affiliate for my FM show for many years and send my best to all the staff impacted. Pleased to announce a new station coming on board this weekend. Welcome Sasquatch 92.1 Duluth MN. They start airing Eddie Trunk Rocks Sunday nights 9-Mid this weekend. My FM radio show’s history dates back to 1983, and although I do a daily rock talk show on SiriusXM, it is important to me and I appreciate all of my affiliates greatly.

Been a few months since I’ve done a Trunk Top 20 on my SiriusXM Volume show. So next Tuesday the next one will be the 20 greatest Judas Priest songs! My 20 will air one week from today, then 2 days to take your lists live on air. Remember the lists must be sequenced with 1 being the greatest ever. Listen live 3/17 for my 20 and then get ready to call on your lists. And yes “Hellion/Electric Eye” is okay as one song.

New podcast this Thursday with Bret Michaels and Gary Cherone. Free www.PodcastOne.com , Apple Podcasts and now Spotify.

Dennis DeYoung joins me this Thursday for my daily show on SiriusXM Volume 106.

Be sure to enter now to win tickets to Rocklahoma on this site!

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