Had a great chat last night with Tom Keifer of Cinderella on the SiriusXM show. Tom is having a blast promoting and working in his new band for his solo tour. Outside of the Monsters Of Rock cruise Cinderella will be taking a break from touring while Tom works the solo album coming out in April, but he did not rule out a possible new Cinderella album at some point. Hard to believe almost 20 years since Still Climbing.


Also got a call from Bobby Blotzer who was listening to the show live and checked in. Blotz said Ratt is back full on and has more gigs besides Rocklahoma to announce soon. He also confirmed Juan is back in full time and they are working on new music. He joked that I need to proof read Pearcy’s new book so that things don’t blow up once it comes out! Great to hear from Blotz and even better to know this band is getting busy again. Bobby also added that he left Queensryche because Ratt was going to be busy and he also felt his style of playing might not have been the best fit for that band once he started to listen.


Headed into NYC now to record an interview with Geddy & Alex from Rush! Heard from the guys that they were in town and always appreciate them making time to get together. I’ll have audio of our conversation in an FM show coming soon as well as some exclusive video of the conversation here on the site soon. More details and photos after I do the interview later today.

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  • Scott Routsong on

    Play more Rival Sons !!!!!!

    Love the show Eddie.

    • Alan Mclaren on

      Hey Scott. I have seen Rival Sons twice in concert. They are great. Better than GNR and Van Halen combined.

  • Bud Keyes on

    Have you ever thought of having a band perform a song live on TMS? Instead of guest guitartist, you could have a guest band.

  • Mike Houstina on

    You have my dream job. Well done!!

  • Gabe Diaz on

    Glad to see Juan BACK, hopefully the songwriting is back to PAR since he’s back in the fold!

  • Brett on

    Hi Eddie, New to the forum…. I’m sure I’ve missed you talking about this but what do you think of Rival Son’s? Also, have you heard Tyler Brandt and the Shakedown? Keep up the great work! Brett

    • Eddie on

      I like Rival Sons. Played last week on radio show and mentioned them as a fave new band on TMS 2 years ago. Thanks

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