In all the Kiss craziness just a quick reminder ALL NEW That Metal Show tonight 11/10C on VH1C with Charlie Benante on drums, Scorpion Child on Metal Modem and Chris and Randy from Lamb Of God as the guests. Even if you are not a fan of LOG music I think you will find this story interesting to say the least.


Amazing amount of comments about the Ace stuff. Appreciate all the interaction and debate. For those that think this might be some sort of misdirection tactic I can tell you Peter is in the same boat and will release his statement soon and the HOF confirmed Kiss’ position with me last night. That’s not to say things can change. It is just where things stand now on the eve of tickets going on sale, which is why Ace went public last night.


I’m off to see Buckcherry in NJ. Comments will be posted ASAP as they come in. Enjoy TMS and have a good weekend. More soon no doubt.

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  • David C on

    Looking forward to Lamb of God and seeing a new TMS tonight. Will be happy when this KISS HOF bullshit is over. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset that they won’t play together, when we all knew it would never happen.

    Don’t let the fact that the original members don’t play together anymore detract from your enjoyment that KISS made it into the hall. You have to understand that they were a longshot from the beginning, because there is still a very large contingent of rock and roll fans who question their musicianship. But one thing is sure, nobody can question their marketing ability which was always their #1 talent. They got the most out of their limited ability thanks to a great understanding of media and sales.

  • Joe on

    Eddie,you need to see what Chris Impellitteri posted on facebook. It’s funny.True but funny.

  • Brent on

    It’s a little upsetting to me when some members of the current lineup of Kiss as well as some of their fans are insensitively hard on Ace for his addictions. Alcoholism is a disease. And the fact that he kept falling off the wagon is par for that course too. Now I understand if Gene and Paul could no longer work with Ace because of his addiction (it sounds like it would become taxing quickly) but to resort to harsh name calling for it is callous and mean. It’d be like getting angry and talking shit on someone for being schizophrenic or manic depressive. No one gets pissed off at Eric Carr and say things like, “That dude is such a major fuck up for losing his drum position by getting heart cancer! What a loser to blow that opportunity!” Well at least no one I know. Maybe Kevin Valentine has some gossip on that one…

  • ken denton on

    it must be a mistake! Gene and Paul did write “You give love a bad Name.”


  • luke on

    Just so you know Eddie, I heart cut you off at 2am. I think you were a bit overtime that’s why. It basically left out the ballad at the end of your show. Don’t think there’s much to do about it but wanted to mention it.

    • luke on

      Oh and sorry to double post but what Randy said about White Lion wasn’t cool. I think WL is OK, not great and has some pretty silly things going on about them but Randy was acting like they aren’t musicians or rock at all. He should know better than to listen to hype and assume things about anybody.

    • Tom Veil on


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