Congrats to Robin Hill of Arkansas who wins the balcony cabin for two given away on this site for the MOR Cruise! Thanks to all who entered and see you on board late March!

As you can see by popular request the Poll is back on the home page. Topics will be updated every week or so. A great way to interact and let your opinion be counted.

Thanks to all I met in Milwaukee this past Thursday and Friday night at Northern Lights Theater at Potawatomi Casino. Had a blast hanging with you all and hosting two nights with Winger. The band is really sounding great with all original members and Jon Roth still on board there are songs with 3 guitars going that sound amazing. These guys are another band that deserves props for doing everything live. Always was absurd they got hit the hardest in the 80’s backlash but in reality are among the eras best talents as far as musicians. Also want to thank everyone who came out to the two book signings and sold out of my books. Much appreciated. If I was sold out when you got to me you can get either books anywhere you can buy them and signed copies direct from me on this site. Also need to thank Joe & Borna and everyone at 102.9 The Hog in Milwaukee. I went on their show Friday afternoon and they informed me on air they would be adding my weekly syndicated FM show! So cool to have Milwaukee on board for our network of great stations! Time and start date TBA soon. So likely be seeing you more often in this area of the country in the future!

Next appearance this Saturday in Houston! See you all at Concert Pub NORTH for a live Q&A and more. Plus both of my books will be signed and sold and there will be live bands after I am done on stage. So many requests to come to Houston so really look forward to this Saturday night!

Thanks to all who watched this weeks new TMS and of course all the guests; Bumblefoot, Frank Bello, Dave Ellefson and Lzzy Hale. Also was cool to see the package from my 30th radio party. Sadly for publishing reasons we could not air songs or actual performance audio on TV, but I think it showed what an epic night it was. There may be more footage coming that will be posted online. We tape another episode this Tuesday that you will see this Saturday and I am pumped to welcome for the first time Ted Nugent for the full hour! And we will talk MUSIC with Ted, something rarely done with him in media these days it seems.


I’ll be live 6-10P ET SiriusXM 39 tomorrow, TRUNKNation.


Enjoy the Super Bowl, more soon.

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  • Oliver on

    Please don’t discuss Obama or Politics with Ted Nugent. There is no place for that garbage on TMS.

  • Eric on

    Eddie, you never asked Frank and Dave if they are touring together with the new band; any plans? Head you play a song from last week’s show on Hair Nation, sounded solid.

    • Eddie on

      Doubt they will tour, too much else they have with main bands

  • C.J. Haldeman on

    Hi, Eddie, I think it’s great that TMS is now a weekly show that’s taped the week it’s aired. Everything is so much more topical this way and I think that was a great decision by you and/or VH1 Classic to go in that direction. I have to say that I’m extremely dubious about next week’s show with Ted Nugent. I absolutely abhor his politics and know that he always manages to shove them in to whomever he’s speaking with. I would, however, be interested in his thoughts on music and his career, so I’m hopeful you’ll be able to keep him dialed in on the topic of the show – the music. I’ll be watching, as always, but this one, I’ll be watching with my finger on the DVR fast forward button.

    • Eddie on

      I interviewed Ted recently on my radio show for an hour and talked all music

  • Shaun Bockelmann on

    Winger killed it on 01/31/14. I have seen Kip numerous times doing his acoustic set but the full band was amazing. Highly under rated band and well worth the money.


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