Always a huge thrill to welcome a new station to my syndication network. I truly appreciate all the stations I have that give me 3 hours of their weekly schedule to bring my radio show to the audience. We are always looking to add new believers who will give their audience 3 hours of new and classic hard rock and metal. All they have to do is say they want the show. Pleased to welcome a new station on board that will start this Saturday. 98.9 The Bear in Ft Wayne Indiana is our newest affiliate. Thanks to Gasman and his crew for putting me on. This station also streams live so you can tap in from anywhere and hear the show as well. All of the places and ways to hear my FM show every week can be found here:


Welcome 98.9 The Bear and if you want your local rock station to carry my show let them know about it! Thanks to all the stations and listeners for their support. Everything I have done in my career traces back to this radio show that I started over 32 years ago and it is still very much a major passion of mine to do it every week!

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  1. Hey Eddie, just wanted to tell you how good Alice Cooper was on your Monday Sirius show, and what a great job you did with the interview. Sounded like two guys just sitting and shooting the bull about music and it came off absolutely perfect. Alice is a great guest!

    Keep up the fine work, much appreciated!

  2. Very cool Eddie. Glad to see the added date at Rockbar San Jose with Don and Jim! Saw you there with Y & T on New Years Eve but didn’t want to interrupt you enjoying one of your favorites. Very excited you are coming back!

  3. Welcome to Indiana Eddie. Got to say, the Bear in Ft. Wayne sadly is the only decent radio station in the whole state. Thank God for Sirius XM. Indianapolis where I live is horrible, not only for radio stations, but for live music as well. In Ft. Wayne, maybe you can come host a concert at Piere’s.

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