This weekend is the start of the 32nd year of my FM/syndicated radio show. After 4 weeks of year end specials my usual format of new and classic hard rock and metal resumes on all affiliate stations and streams. It debuts as usual tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. It is amazing to me that this show that is at the core of everything I have ever done if entering year 32. Seems like just yesterday I was playing this unknown band called Metallica and having this new band called WASP in my radio studio (see my 2nd book for that story!). Over the decades so much has changed in the world of radio, but thanks to you guys and your support this show continues on as one of the first ever programs to focus on this music we love. When I started it in 1983 it was not easy to get on the air. Thanks to big albums that year by Metallica, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, etc I was able to convince my local NJ station WDHA to give me a shot doing something called a “metal show”. Then 1994 came and I was able to make the huge move from NJ to market #1 NYC when I was hired by then Pure Rock Q104.3. Then 1998 and the legendary WNEW through it’s last years of rock and short period as a talk station (some great times there!). When NEW was blown up due to the Opie & Anthony stunt Q104.3 brought me back and there the show has been flagshipped since. The show is now heard on about 25 radio stations and various streams. Many have no idea how syndication works. It is not about how many stations you have but the size of the markets, what time your show runs, etc. You can easily have a show that has WAY more audience on 5 stations than one on 50 if the show with 5 is on in major cities. So I am extremely fortunate to have the support of Q104.3 as my anchor in NYC and other great cities like Boston and Milwaukee running my show. I am truly grateful for every outlet I have because those stations have the stones to break from the norm for a few hours a week and give their hard rock fans something different. You would not believe after 32 years how tough it still is to find believers to run a 3 hour weekly hard rock/metal show. Many will have me as a guest on their AM show and rave about TMS, but few will actually give me 3 hours (at zero cash cost) to play some of this music. In a day and age where I think it is vital to do something different in radio you would be amazed at how hard this still is after 32 years. But I am grateful and honored to still do it. The 25th year of the show was celebrated with a private Judas Priest concert, the 30th year with a reunion of Ace Frehley & Peter Criss (maybe the last time they ever play together?). So on to year 32! Thanks to every station that gives me 3 hours a week to do my thing and the great audiences that listen. Here’s hoping in this new year some new stations also can find some time to lend their signal to our kind of music. You can find a list of all stations and streams that air the show every weekend under Live & On The Air tab, just hit “Eddie Trunk Rocks-FM”. Remember Q104 and WAAF both stream free as do many of the other stations, so if you don’t live in these markets you can still listen that way. Happy new year all!

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  • D. Comiskey on

    Happy anniversary, Ed. You deserve all the kudos you get and more. Us metal fans are very grateful for all you do for metal.

  • Dave Peers on

    I love radio stories. Currently reading Carol Miller’s book. Curious about the mechanics of syndication. If the show is available to the outlets at no cost, how does it generate revenue. Do you and the affiliates share the ad revenue?

  • David C on

    Congratulations Eddie on the 32 years and hope for many more! Looking forward to new TMS, it’s been too long. I know the wait will be worth it.

    As far as the NFL playoffs, my petty, petulant, and angry hope is that anyone (including the Cowboys which really pains me to say) but the seahawks (I refuse to capitalize their name) win the Superbowl.

    Yeah, I’m mad bro.

  • David C on

    Well Eddie, I guess we now know what AC/DC’s Brian Johnson was talking about a couple of years ago on TMS when he said one of the band members was facing health issues. It probably wasn’t Malcolm’s dementia, it was more than likely his lung cancer and a heart condition.


  • James K. on

    Congratulations on 32 hard rocking years in the business Eddie! That’s outstanding! The metal and hard rock community is forever grateful to you for being the outspoken champion and supporter of this music that you are. Have a great weekend, cheers!

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