Former Judas Priest guitarist K.K, Downing has posted the following statement at his official website. The guitarist seeks to clarify his inital comment as he feels parts of it was regretfully misinterpreted. He writes:

“Hi everyone,

just to clarify that my complimenting Andy Sneap as I did was no more than I would have said about any other guitar playing producers that have also contributed much more than expected to our past albums. Great talent such as Chris Tsangarides (R.I.P) and Roy Z both not only produced – but also contributed song ideas, riffs and licks, lyric ideas etc. Consequently, albums like
Painkiller and Angel of Retribution would not have been the same without them. Even George
Martin, I believe, provided much more for the Beatles than just the role of a normal producer. An extra musician in the studio, like the aforementioned talented producers, really does bring a great benefit.


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  • Rattlehead on

    Perhaps clarification was necessary, but this drama and war of words needs to stop. Sabbath drama, Ratt drama, LA Guns drama, Great White drama, Venom drama, etc…I’m tired of it….

    And since KK quit the band, but may want to reunite for this tour cuz of Glenn’s illness, then KK needs to approach the band rather than waiting to be asked to rejoin. Perhaps do the 3 guitarist thing, like Maiden? Only KK won’t sillily prance around the stage like Janick…

  • shannon mehaffey on

    This is pay back for the Ripper Owens thing if you ask me. Rob goes out and gets a guy who looks just like KK. Rob, Scott, Glenn, Ian too…these guys are irreplaceable if you are really thinking straight. Lay it to rest, but, it’s their business so I wish them the best.

  • MikeyMan on

    …so if the album sucks, Sneap’s contributions are to blame?
    Shut up K.K.
    I’ve seen Priest with Ritchie, and have enjoyed all the music they’ve continued to put out.
    Hope the album is great, tour successful, and Hall Of Fame in the very near future.
    But most of all, prayers to Glenn!!!

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