Welcome to the all new EddieTrunk.com! Really excited to launch this all new version of my official online home and I hope you take some time to have a look at the new features. This has just been launched and we still have a few kinks to work out no doubt, but I hope you like it and find it not only a great resource for the various things in my world, but also for the music we love in general. Many cool new exclusive features as we go forward with this new design and management of the site.

I’d like to thank all the folks at PAID in Boston who ran this site for the past four years, and give a sincere thanks to the sites new manager, my friend Erik Luftglass, who put a tremendous amount of time and expertise in this relaunch and will help make this even better going forward.

Also thanks to Dana Rosen, who has been the Queen of the music news on the site and continues to be. Her efforts and time are greatly appreciated! Thank you all for visiting and come back often to keep up with everything going on. Much more soon!

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  • Michael Cooperman on

    Really dig the new site! Full of the same great stuff only better! Easier on the eyes and to navigate. Keep doing what you do!

  • John Higgins on

    I like the improvements !! I can’t seem to find the section of playlists for The Friday Night Rocks shows . I guess you will place them somewhere . Again , Great Job !! Awesome site !!

  • Ed Ruiz on

    Really enjoying the new site–looks terrific!!! Same killer content, but more pleasing to the eye. Keep rocking, Eddie, and keep up the fantastic work!

  • all things hard rock and metal on

    New site looks cool looking forward to access to the radio show -please try and get access to that metal show for those of us in Europe as we.can’t access vh1.com

    • Eddie on

      Thanks! I don’t control the online access of the show but really wish you guys could see it in Europe! Maybe one day.

  • Ryan on

    Site looks great, Eddie. Your legend only continues to grow.

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