Well after months of speculation we now have confirmation of a Guns n’ Roses “reunion” of sorts. In one of the worst kept secrets ever it was finally made official the band will headline Coachella in CA in April. Strong rumors suggest there will be a couple warm up dates and then more extensive touring after Coachella if it goes well and the offers are what they expect. But things are far from cut and dry here because there is no confirmation yet on who actually will be in this version of GnR besides Axl, Slash and Duff. Now for many that’s all they need. But for just as many they are hoping for the original 5 still at some point in the show. Since all official releases have only listed Axl, Slash and Duff it’s clear this is really going to be a mix of old and new Guns it would seem. But the reunion aspect and the entire billing is all about the 3 members in the press releases, which also included individual photos of each guy.

My take is that they don’t quite have this all figured out just yet. They had to announce Coachella because it’s a festival with many other bands (very little of interest to hard rock/Guns fans), it was leaking out everywhere, and tickets are going on sale. But I would hope for and expect a press conference and more details, dates, and band members to be released as they get closer and sort through everything. My sources have told me current GnR drummer Frank Ferrer will be retained and play the bulk of the show, with perhaps a guest appearance from Steven Adler if a deal can be worked out. I would suspect the same with Richard Fortus staying, and maybe Izzy popping up. I would also expect Dizzy and Chris Pittman to stay. I have heard the Dave Kushner rumor but don’t know anything about that and don’t see the connection, but anything is possible. Axl always liked 3 guitars in the later era Guns so who knows? So what this really looks like now is the remaining current Guns lineup (except Stinson, can’t have two bass players I guess), with Duff and Slash being plugged in, and maybe guest spots from Izzy and Steven. Is this enough to make long time fans dying for a reunion content? For most yes. For some no. But it will do huge business regardless of the percentage that was holding out hope for an Appetite reunion 100%. That was never going to happen anyway since Guns only really made one album with that band. I have also been told consistently by many that Matt Sorum is not involved. Read into that what you will. Have not heard Gilby’s name attached either at this point.

I think that all of this is subject to change, but I feel this is where things are at now based on the people I have spoken to. The band members themselves have yet to talk since this went down. Axl cancelled tonight’s appearance on Kimmel. Likely because there are still questions to be answered and it was too early to answer them. I’m hoping that there is a proper press conference at some point with all the key players taking questions (I am offering to host it! haha) and laying out the plan. But with the Coachella deadline looming they had to get it out and this is where we are now. When I know more and there is more news I will post. I am happy that at least the mystery around this is put to rest and Axl and Slash have made the peace enough to reconnect and work together. For how long and how extensively time will tell. But no matter how you feel about where this is at, if you are a rock fan you have to be happy. Because this is good for rock music. To put it in the spotlight and have people talking and focused on rock is always a good thing in my book. And judging by most of what’s listed on the Coachella bill (again, never a hard rock event), Guns, if they are in good form, should annihilate everyone with real ROCK music! And that’s always a good thing!! We need these mega bands to keep our music at the top of these massive festival bills and in the conversation.   Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk

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  1. It is not Guns and Roses unless it is Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven, and Axl. My opinion Izzy wants little to do with this (his solo work is awesome)…Coachella maybe, but a tour for get it. I think it would be great for one show. The proposed 25 city tour. That is is nightmare weighting to happen. What is the over under on a meltdown during the tour 4? Concert goers will NOT put up with AXL’S issues. I hope it happens for one show and then it may be just best to fade away back to paradise city.

  2. I’m very disappointed. First off, Axl tried to get Slash and Duff to accept his mutated vision of GnR and they both quit. 20 years later they accept, so Axl wins after all. GnR made one great album, and two good ones what makes them think that a reunion can be anything but the original line up. Izzy, Duff and Slash have all said that Steven Adler’s drumming was key to the Appetite sound and that when he was gone the sound of the band changed for the worse, so without him there is no reason to reunite. Have you heard Axl sing lately? There’s no way they’ll sound anything like they did back in the day, because Axl can’t sing like that anymore, but Steven can still drum like he used to.
    I used to have respect for Duff and Slash, but not anymore they claimed musical integrity and respect for the fans was what drove them out of GnR, but them doing this without Steven Adler proves that they are just in it for the money. They’re just Axl’s ass kissing, boot licking lackeys after all. What makes a band think that the fans don’t like other members of the band. I’m also wondering, what’s so great about Duff? He’s just a bass player, whoever said he was anymore popular amongst GnR fans than Steven or Izzy. If anything Duff is #5 most popular of the original band.
    Why would anyone give their hard earned money over to a bunch of guys who would fuck over someone who was part of getting them to the top? How would you like it if you built a business and the other drug addicts kicked you out of it?
    The bottom line is this GnR reunion will suck because Axl can’t sing and after those videos hit the internet the tour will collapse in America. They’ll have to go to jungles of Boliva to sellout shows, in other words to where no one speaks English. I also predict that Axl will be late as usual. Which is the actual thing that wrecked GnR originally. Duff and Slash’s money grab will ruin their reputations when GnR sounds like shit because Axl can’t sing anymore, and when they start going on 4 hours late again they ruin their professional reputations because neither of those pussy’s have the balls to stand of to Axl. It’s turning that Steven and Izzy were the only ones with any integrity in GnR. Fuck them, go watch ‘Live at the Ritz’ on youtube for free, it’s the best they ever were, and the best they’ll ever be. Save yourself $500 by not buying tickets to Axl’s monstrosity. Maybe, they’ll bring back Buckethead too, or that Zombie guy Axl had in the band back in 2000. FuK GnR

  3. Its all about the money for these guys lets face it they prolly blew the majority of there loot in the 90s drug days accept for izzy something tells me he was smart and is sitting on a pile of cash especially if he holds publishing rights to the majority of hits he wrote thats prolly why he could careless remember these guys arent doing it for you fans they will shit on you first chance they get its all about the money

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