As I have said consistently since the announcement that Kiss will be going into the HOF, now is when much of the discussion and negotiation on what goes down starts to happen. You have what Ace and Peter want, what Gene & Paul want, and what the HOF itself wants to happen, and somewhere it all needs to be worked out. With the holidays behind us expect info to come out as we get closer to the date and the various parties talk. There is already some very differing information coming out now as a matter of fact. If you listen to my interview with Ace (now on my home page for all to hear), it is clear he would like the original band to be featured since they are the members actually being inducted. Speaking of that, there has been much debate since the announcement on even this topic. The HOF makes that call and they decided the founding members only. That’s what I was told by several people who actually have votes. That could also be an issue on how this goes down and something being discussed internally. My view on it personally is if it isn’t just the original band, then it should be ALL the people that have been a part of it. But everyone has consistently told me, including voters, it is only the original four actually being inducted. That does not mean however that others from the bands history won’t be there and won’t even potentially be involved as was the case with Heart and others. Ace also stated in the interview with me the HOF wanted the band in makeup which he was open to. Both Peter and Ace said they spoke with Gene and Paul and vibes were good before the holidays. Ace expressed concern in my interview about how the current band would be represented vs him and Peter who are actually being honored. Ace’s concern is also likely fueled by a VH1 Rock Honors event in 2006 where he was in the strange position of not being allowed to play with Kiss, while Tommy did dressed as him. Ace played with the tribute band that night to Kiss.


Last night Paul Stanley’s twitter account showed a glimpse into the very different views about what will and won’t go down and the issues that still need to be worked through. You can check the feed for yourself @paulstanleylive When asked last night if the original band would play together at the HOF his response is “seems unlikely”. When asked if he thinks working with Ace & Peter would be better now that both are sober he responded “No”. When asked if he would wear makeup with Ace & Peter he responded “No way”.


This is clearly a shift in what fans thought and were hoping for and what Ace and Peter mentioned. It also points to the various egos, posturing and control issues that could turn something the fans have wanted for 15 years into a train wreck! Paul’s answers do not surprise me at all. For Gene and Paul this puts them in a tough spot having to reconnect with members they’d prefer not to deal with no doubt, and who they have spent the last 10 years trying to recreate in the current band. Quite frankly coming out with the original band once again in makeup opens up a huge can of worms with fans that they have been trying to keep a lid on for a decade. It does not work with what they are currently trying to sell so well. And make no mistake, like it or not, they know seeing the original four in makeup again would be HUGE for fans and put a dent in what they have been selling to fans; that it doesn’t matter so much who’s behind the makeup. So you can already see how some of this is playing out. Gene & Paul on one side trying to protect the current Kiss and not go down reunion road again, and Ace & Peter wanting to be sure their night being inducted pays tribute to them, and not other versions of the band not being inducted. Nobody wearing makeup would take away some of the confusion as to who is who, but as per Ace the HOF really wanted the band in costume.


I understand Gene & Paul wanting to protect their current business model. Trust me, they know and have seen first hand the avalanche a reunion, even for a few hours, with Ace & Peter will cause (MTV Unplugged). It would be nice to think for one night the fans could celebrate the original bands induction with all of them working together for a few hours. Then bring up everyone from KISStory at the end for a jam or something. But I suspect this has many twists and turns still to come and Paul’s tweets last night give just a little peak into how this could unfortunately get very messy. If you are planning on buying tickets to this to see a Kiss reunion even for a couple songs as many have told me, I would seriously hold off. Looks like much still to be decided and as per Paul’s verified Twitter account it doesn’t sound promising at the moment. Listen to the interview with Ace I did a couple weeks ago, then read Paul’s tweets last night. This isn’t me stirring the pot or with any inside information. Just doesn’t take a genius to see there are some very different opinions as to how this should go down already. We shall see…I’m sure much more as we go.

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  • GenesRacoonWig on

    Paul is usually the classy one in Kiss….too bad he is acting like a total douche regarding the RRHOF.

    Get over yourself Starchild, even if it is for a few hours and enjoy the three other bands mates who made you filthy rich and famous.

  • AJ on

    It’s so damn obvious.. both the fans and the hall want the original 4 only. I don’t care if they wear make-up and costumes or not. Each member gets a a little time to thank their family and friends and at the end, Paul thanks Carr, Vincent, St. John, Kulick, Delaney, Aucoin, Bogart, etc with something at the end about Thayer and Singer keeping the machine going, blah blah blah.

    Gene and Paul are just so delusional now. At this point, is Kiss anything more than the most well funded tribute band in history?

  • M.B. Smith on

    I have been a life long KISS fan (of the original line up) and when Ace and Peter left the first time they gave up their shares of the KISS pie there’s no argument there, what I have a problem with is when they say something then turn around and change there words to make it seem that its someone else’s fault that they are in the predicament they are in now, an example of this for me was during the farewell tour and I have watched and listened to that announcement time and time again with Paul saying “in actuality the original line up is responsible for the whole history of this band and should be celebrated that way”
    the link above is the announcement I found on you tube just in case you wanted to listen yourself, now is Paul changing his words once again just as they did then? My point about this is for one reason only, this is why im no longer a life long KISS ARMY member or fan, because they say one thing and do another and they are taking what’s left of a once great rock band that meant something not just to me but many many others who grew up with them and standing up for listening to them and spreading the message about them all those years ago and to see them in the state they are now, I would just rather remember them the way they were and not for not being able to put aside differences for a couple of hours and just do the right thing for a change.

  • kissfaniam on

    When asked further about his stance on having recent members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer perform at the ceremony, Frehley responded, “I don’t have a problem with Tommy and Eric being there out of makeup, if I’m in makeup, because they’re a big part of Kiss today. If those guys want to come up, out of makeup, and do “Rock And Roll All Nite” with the whole cast of the show, that would be a great thing. They deserve a little…….ACE FREHLEY WOW THEY DESERVE ALITTLE? Bruce, Vinnie Tommy and Eric can play with hall and oats, gee ace who are you to say? you were only in the band for 1/3 of their career…. No wonder Paul said no

    • kissfaniam on

      and in that 1/3 they had to replace you on how many albums….

  • kissfaniam on

    Eddie it seems like the trunkies dont agree with Aces demand everyone else should play with hall and oats, I think you need to repostion away from The Kiss Amish Army, The hall should not be about the original band, it should be about the band Kiss, all 10 members, and if Ace dont want to play with others, Well he can go play with himself, Peter said hes good at that!

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