Headed to Los Angeles tomorrow for several meetings and events including hosting the Tony Macalpine benefit at The Wiltern Saturday night, attending the Lemmy 70th celebration Sunday night, and doing my SiriusXM show live from LA Monday night 3-7 PMĀ  PT /6-10 ET. Will be lots going on no doubt so follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk and FB as well for info as I go. And I’ll post more extensive updates here when I can get to a computer. More soon!

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  1. Great vibe last night, it was electric, a time travel back to the excitement of the 60s, Billy Sheehan was vibing like Hendrix up there, Zakk has gone into some heavy duty Frank Marino astral plane, nobody constructs music like Vai, (and to be honest, I don’t get a lot of it, maybe I need to see him a few more times)…Trunk, you were like the metal god of MCs up there, I was impressed.

  2. Doug R, after last night, the top prize may have to go to Sheehan, I can’t even do him justice with one of my pretentious (me? I’m anything but pretentious) descriptions. He is a human magnet, I’ll say that.

    Doug R, Gene played the bass in his songs, that’s Jean on “King of the Mountain,” listen to the Plasmatics, and you’ll hear what I’m saying.

    I may be too prejudiced to rate Yes, they sound like space frogs or something.
    : )

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