Due to the blizzard weather conditions here in the NY/NJ area my SiriusXM show tonight is pre recorded. I actually went in last night and recorded it knowing we were going to get hit with bad weather. Tons of music (most of which I picked) and the show is all new, just not live as I am stuck home in NJ riding the snow out.

This Thursday’s podcast interview is with Jake E Lee and Gregg Chaison. It is free via www.podcastone.com and Itunes starting this Thursday.

Next live appearance is with Don & Jim this Saturday night in Teaneck NJ at Mexicali Live. We did this club last year and had a blast. Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra has just been confirmed as a special guest! Tickets and VIP meet & greet tickets on sale now and at the door. Hope to see you! All confirmed appearances on the home page.

New stuff I’m loving; Marilyn Manson, Black Star Rider, Farmikos and Motor Sister to name a few.

Stock is now in for both of my books. If you’d like to order signed personalized copies of either they will ship quickly. Order details on the Books tab.

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  • James K. on

    Blizzards, fortunately, don’t make it to Texas. But, unfortunately, sleet and slushy-icy miserable conditions from time to time do. We even see some snow flurries every once in a while. But it was 70 degrees and sunny today! The Jake E Lee and Greg Chasion should be a good one. Take care Eddie, stay warm.

    • Doug R. on

      70 degrees and sunny? I’m moving to Texas! We dodged a bullet here in NY, nowhere near as bad as they originally said it was going to be. I can’t wait for winter to be over, bring on those “SUMMER NIGHTS”! I can’t believe I forgot yesterday was Eddie Van Halen’s birthday, (brain fart) LOL! Happy belated birthday EVH, “STAY FROSTY”! 🙂

    • James K. on

      That’s right, it was Eddie’s b-day yesterday! I forgot to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVH! It’s hard to believe Eddie Van Halen is 60 now! All our heroes are getting up there in age which makes going to see them live even more special. I’m glad I saw Sabbath and Priest on the latest tours because who knows how many more they’ll do? I feel that way about Van Halen and AC/DC to, AC/DC especially. That’s why when AC/DC’s current tour comes around, I’m going to soak the entire experience in.

  • Medved on

    Too bad for the weather. Was hoping Eddie would confront Udo about his recent comments about Accept playing “without any emotion”. Hope Udo is rescheduled and/or appears on a future podcast.

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