Happy Friday everyone! Excited to announce the first guest of the upcoming new 12 episodes of That Metal Show is booked. One of the two guys has never been on before and is from a major metal band! Hate to be a tease but until the network is ready to release the info I can’t give details yet. We have tons more to do but it’s great to finally be working on a new season of TMS which will debut 2/21! Audience tickets and more info when I have it.

Hosting Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel tonight in NJ at Mexicali Live in Teaneck. Then hosting the benefit for guitarist Karl Cochran at Dingbatz in Clifton NJ tomorrow night. Both shows start around 9P. The benefit will include guests Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice, Pat Travers, Steve Brown and more. Hope to see you there if in the NJ area.

Latest podcast up now with David Coverdale talking John Sykes, Cozy Powell, Blackmore, Page and more. Don’t want to miss this one! As always it’s free and worldwide to stream or download with Itunes or www.podcastone.com or hit the banner on this site.

All new Eddie Trunk Rocks FM show this weekend. Debuts tonight 11P ET on Q104.3 NYC and WAAF Boston. Final regular format show before the year end specials kick in. Joe Satriani is the guest talking about the future of Chickenfoot. On all affiliate stations this weekend!

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  1. Eddie, what are the chances that Tenacious D win the Grammy for Best Metal Performance? Thoughts? I think it’s time for another one of your rants.

  2. Oh man, waiting for new TMS episodes has been tough enough, now the teaser is making it tougher! That’s cruel Eddie! LOL! But seriously, thanks for all the great podcasts and the radio shows. The new TMS season will be the best one yet, I’m positive. Keep on rocking!

  3. Ed, all bias aside…why is Steel Panther only played on Sirius when Jim Florentine plays them on his show? They’re a fairly big band and Sirius has no censorship issues. Death to All But Metal is even played on local radio in Chicagoland.

  4. Satellite radio has become as bad as corporate radio with the repetition in the playlist. That is why I refuse to pay for satellite radio these days. Excited about new TMS episodes. I find it odd that VH1 Classic designed a new set and had a longer season last year and then shutdown production for almost year. Strange, considering VH1 Classic needs all the ratings they can get. They are drifting away from music just like MTV and VH1 did. I long for a station that has actual music shows (love to see old Remote Control Gameshow reruns) and music videos all day.

    I am hoping at some point TMS has Doro Pesch back on (She didn’t get much time the only time she was on the show) and would love to see the show do something different and bring on someone from a record label talking about the changes in the music industry, how to get radio airplay, and what if anything can be done to raise physical product sales.

    1. Satellite radio has way more choices than terrestrial radio and the music is commercial free. As far as the repetitive playlists…what do you expect from channels that deal with a specific era in music, like the 70’s and 80’s? And Ozzy’s Boneyard and Hair Nation? There are only so many songs to choose from lol. Also, I never lose reception no matter where I drive (unless there is a tunnel or something like that) and the sound is top notch. Never any static or interference.

      But enough of music for right now. What the hell has happened to my 49ers? I am thoroughly pissed off at this season.

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